Cam Heyward Wins the AFC Defensive Player of the Week Award

Cam Heyward’s big week paid off again for the Steelers with a win, and it paid off for him off the field as today he was named as the AFC Defensive Player of the week – the second time he’s received the honor.

Heyward is having a big 2017 for the Steelers after missing a portion of last year with a pec injury, leading the team in sacks this season.

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5 Comments on "Cam Heyward Wins the AFC Defensive Player of the Week Award"

  1. Well I see the greatattached st joke on turf is at it again in Cincy. Not to sound insensitive but Shazier has no one to blame but himself. The way he constantly tackles with his head down it’s a wonder this hasn’t happened sooner. I just wonder why it SERMS like the coaches are okay with it because he CONTINUES TO AND CONSTANTLY does it. It’s one of the reasons he sniffs on so many tackles-because he typically never sees what he’s tackling! SMH

  2. This is what great teams do by the way, Dave B, you apologist. When they gave an opportunity to keep pace for home field they lan egg against an inferior opponent ! They’re a joke and will continue to be as long as they are coached by tomlin

  3. 3rd and 16 yeaaa! Way to go defense yeaaaa!

  4. Roethlisberger must be going out of his mind with tomlins minions of thugs this time schuster smith: move the ball but get called for a totally unnecessary unsportsmanlike penalty. It’s ok though, Tomlin will offer one of his limited vocabulary cliches and then probably smoke a howl with ju-ju after the game because ya know they’re homies!

  5. I am happy for burfuct though. Hope he never plYs again!

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