Christmas Eve Steelers vs. Rams Game

The holidays are here and that means big football games will be ready for watching on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! The Pittsburgh Steelers will be playing the St. Louis Rams on Christmas Eve Day at 1pm ET. For Steelers fans, their playoff berth has already been clinched, taking a little pressure off the rest of these regular season games. For Rams fans, their 2-12 record is in desperate need of a win. With homefield advantage going to Pittsburgh at Heinz Stadium, that feat might be tough to accomplish.

However, if we know anything about football, anything can happen on that field and there are no “sure wins” going into each game. Checkout the game on Christmas Eve day, either live at the stadium with your very own Pittsburgh Steelers tickets, or on that cozy couch during your family get-togethers. Tis’ the season for holiday festivities and incredible NFL football!

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  1. Forget this and the Browns game. Tomlin lost a lot of credibility with his Ben strategy Monday night. First off, he needs to look at history and go back to 1977 and look up the name Mike Kruczek! Does anybody think Chuck Noll would have allowed Ben to play? I mean, who’s steering the ship? Didn’t we win 3 out of 4 last year when Ben was suspended” Ben’s proved he’s tough and Batch and DIxon have proved they can win. What happened Monday proves that either Ben or Tomlin or both can’t control their egos at the expense of the Team! What a shame!

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