Jerome Bettis has not been afraid to speak his mind about his former team since walking away from football after Super Bowl XL. Now he’s talking again about the recent Steelers collapse, talking about it earlier today on the Dan Patrick show.

“The Steelers are done. It’s not official yet, but pretty much. When you lose your spirit, then everything is pretty much gone,” Bettis said on the show. “And that’s what I saw when they hit the field against the Cleveland Browns. It tells me the leadership isn’t there, there was a lack of commitment. The season is basically over.”

From the sounds of it, Bettis isn’t the biggest fan of Mike Tomlin, who says that he’s lost the team, which others have agreed with during this recent 5-game losing streak.

“I know there had to be a disconnect between the head coach’s message and the players. You hear coach Tomlin talking about unleashing hell, and they go out and lay an egg . . . I don’t think the players responded to it in practice, either week in practice: The Oakland week or the Cleveland week.”

Is that Tomlin’s fault? Or the fault of the players that are paid a lot of money to go out and get the job done?

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