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Polamalu to Miss 3 to 6 Weeks w/ Sprained MCL

The news on safety Troy Polamalu is not so good. It looks like the playmaker will be out anywhere from three to six weeks as he has a sprained MCL in his knee. Polamalu left Thursday’s 13-10 defeat of the Titans before halftime. After the game, Mike Tomlin said the diagnosis is preliminary and refused to rule out that the injury could be more serious than an MCL sprain. For now, expect to see a lot of Tyrone Carter in the safety spot, as he stepped in on Thursday and did a solid job in the second half.

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  1. mark

    September 11, 2009 at 1:01 pm

    I have always been a Ty Carter supporter. Mind you, he is NO Polamalu, but who the hell is? The secondary is in capable hands for the time Troy is out but look what is coming in those weeks: Chargers, Bengals, Vikings. These are teams that will try to exploit the loss of Troy by throwing. If the Steelers can hold down the fort and be, say 5-2 at their break, they will be just fine. My fear is this running game. A good running game will give the defense the rest it needs to stay dominate. 3 and outs from this offense will put even more pressure on the defense and EVERY defense gives up some plays/points. The absence of Troy can be masked if the Steeler’s offense can control the ball and the Steeler’s defense can get pressure on the opposing QB.

  2. jay

    September 11, 2009 at 2:36 pm

    I understand….
    …BUT; I understand WHY we can’t (or at least some of the reason) run the ball as effectively as other teams. There are only 6 teams, including us, in the NFL that don’t put a first round offensive lineman on the field (Tenn, Indy, S.D., NYG, G.B., Pitt)…of those six, Tenn., Indy, S.D., and NYG have second rounders (i.e., Roos, Ugoh who’s benched, McNeil and Snee)…Us and G.B. are the only teams that put 3rd rounders or later on the field. Lineman are drafted high because of quick feet and agility for their size…most teams are still 4-3 defenses (even though the 3-4 is growing)…most of the traditional 4-3 DT’s are smaller (in comparison to NT’s) D-Linemen. They’re also quicker. We have bigger guys on the O-Line to match up against some of the bigger nose tackles in our division (Rogers, Ngata)…Plus we practice against a 3-4 NT in Hampton. Quicker, smaller DT’s that can shoot A and B gaps usually have more success against us than, yes even than Baltimore (i.e., Philly last year, Indy, Tenn, etc.)…It’s because we have big fat guys getting off the ball against, well, big fat guys in lieu of small quick guys…Remember last night when, on one of the many third and shorts, Hartwig got off the ball and Tony Brown (6’3″ 290) went right around him and got Parker in the backfield. Where most teams draft agile, quick, first round Offensive linemen to counteract most teams’ 4-3’s quicker interior D-Linemen, we go bigger and slower to counteract the Baltimore’s and New England’s (Vince Wilfork)….That, coupled with Parker’s poor vision (last night he had a stretch play left and a kickout block and he clearly misread it, hesitated, tried to bounce it outside–ala Reggie Bush–for only 2 or 3 yards when he should’ve cut it up behind the blocker for a more positive 5 or 6), whatever is wrong with Mendenhall, we have running issues and it is frustrating nonetheless even though I understand why or part of why it’s happening. Just, please just a high profile, 1st round stud O-Linemen sometime in the near future (like Faneca) to help counterbalance the lack of quickness we have up front…We used to OWN A and B gap!!!!!

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