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Some Predictions on the Steelers – And they are Not so Good

The site Bleacher Report has a couple predictions about the AFC North, and more specifically on the Steelers. Here they are:

The Steelers will go 9-7 again

The Steelers are out without Ben Roethlisberger for the first 4 or 6 games, and they have Byron Leftwich who is really an mediocre backup at best, and is purely a pocket passer and will be behind center of one of the worst lines in the league. I think if the Steelers want to improve on their record, they have to rely on their defense to improve.

Ben Roethlisberger will have a down year

Ben Roethlisberger will not have as a good year as in 2009. Roethlisberger will lament the loss of Holmes, who was his favorite target, and has an unproven, yet talented receiver in Mike Wallace in his spot. He does still have Hines Ward and Heath Miller, but still Ben will struggle some.

Predicted Stats for 2010:
Passer Rating for 2010: 88.2
TD: 18
Int: 10

Troy Polamalu Will get hurt again

Troy Polamalu played only three games last year for the Steelers and missed the rest of his season due to a MCL sprain, and if the Steelers want to contend once again, they’ll need a little bit of luck and faith and hope that Polamalu can stay healthy for the year. Due to Polamalu’s undersized body and his hard-hitting style, it’s hard to see him play for too much longer, and much like his counterpart, Ed Reed, injuries seem to plague Polamalu, and could end his career too soon. I say he doesn’t stay completely healthy this year either.

Matt Loede has been in the sports media for over 16 years, with experience covering the MLB, NBA, and NFL. On Sunday’s during football season, you can hear Matt on national networks like Fox Sports Radio, Associated Press, and others. Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, Matt studies and talks football inside and out, and is anxious to share his thoughts and comments with readers on a daily basis.



  1. mark

    June 13, 2010 at 11:31 am

    Ok, Not one of these predictions are actually “out on a limb” types. Polamalu just might get hurt again and Ben’s numbers could be down a bit with the loss of Holmes and the 4 games he will miss. None the less, the Steelers are filled with veteran players who will no doubt be helping the team contend all season long. Sure, 9-7 could happen again, but more likely the team will be in the 10-6 range and vying for a playoff spot. Every season carries “what-ifs” and this one is no different. After a very eventful off-season ( for all the wrong reaons) and coming off a dissappointing 9-7 season, the Steelers are certainly not a “designer” pick to make a run this year. The AFC is pretty deep and their are up and coming teams that could derail the Steelers if they are in wild card contention, but I am not ready to count out a team that has on its roster: Ward, MIller,Farrior,Woodley,Polamalu,Harrison and Roethlisberger.

    • joe s

      June 14, 2010 at 5:52 pm

      they will do good look at when the giants went and won the bowl the started the season 0-4 every one said there done but where they no the beat the pats in the bowl lmao so as far as the steelers my team iam not ready to count them out yet ethier jay lets go show everyone how a strong team can work things out

      • joe s

        June 14, 2010 at 5:53 pm

        i mean mark not jay sorry wrong name fore this post

  2. jay

    June 13, 2010 at 12:43 pm

    Okay, bear with me here,

    I know this is going to sound like EXTREMELY splitting hairs and I know I am no grammar whiz (but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night) but “am mediocre” really!?! He am mediocre I is appalled at the writers we have in (pseudo)professional spots (i.e., websites, blogs, etc.)…Okay, we bloggers are allowed to screw the grammar and text from time to time; that’s how this works. Can we please find people who write properly when it comes to the actual articles and what not?!? As soon as I read that, “am mediocre” I pretty much lost any interest in the article based on content due to a perceived lack of knowledge and validity! I want to read stuff I can buy into and it starts, believe it or not, with grammar and punctuation, followed by content and so on and so on. Maybe we be are up to am task of reading such nonsense bit I’s contends that youse am need to do am better job of proofing the like! As far as the content of the article, yeah, like Mark said, anyone can get hurt…Why doesn’t Site Bleacher Report make some educated and thoughtful prognostications such as how will Farrior be able to cover insode slots and Tight Ends or will Foote take over the (run stopping) ILB position allowing the more athletic Timmons to take over Farrior’s spot relegating Farrior to situational football; what about predictiona about McFadden’s ability to replace Gay and how that could work…How about Colon probably not getting extended and how the line’ll look in a year or two…what about the new focus on the run and can Logan be like a Sproles type of RB on third down?

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