Hey NY Idiots – Get a Clue on Who Dan Rooney Is!

Are you kidding me!?

That’s about the only thing I could say when I read this story below in the NY Post today about Steelers owner Dan Rooney, who wasn’t allowed to go in the press box at the new Meadowlands Stadium on Saturday night because the idiots who were security didn’t know who he was.

Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney, the current U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, was kicked out of the press box Saturday night at New Meadowlands Stadium because he didn’t have the right credentials, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Monday. The 78-year-old Rooney usually stops by the press box before watching the Steelers from a private owner’s box. The press box attendant reportedly did not know who Rooney was, and Rooney left without incident. Rooney flew in from Ireland for the game, in which the Steelers beat the Giants 24-17, and returned Sunday. Rooney is the son of Steelers founder Art Rooney.

The Giants and their tools owe Rooney and the Steelers an apology over this. It’s unheard of for an owner not to be allowed in the press box, and those idiot security guards should get a clue.

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3 Comments on "Hey NY Idiots – Get a Clue on Who Dan Rooney Is!"

  1. I’d be mad about this if not for only one thing…..I don’t expect much from idiots…It’s like telling a fucking retard, “Why can’t you do math? What are you retarded?” It’s the same thing with Giants fans…We should all just feel sorry for ’em and maybe offer them ya know those bent spoons so they don’t get their soup all over themselves!!!!!

  2. Of course there wasn’t an incident – Rooney is too classy to make a scene.

  3. It was probably some 22 year old kid who knows nothing about football or life for that matter. I am not going to kill all of NY over this. I used to live there, the people are not so bad. Delusional about their sports teams yes but not so bad.

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