More Clues in the Super Bowl Ticket Giveaway

A few days back we teased a special Super Bowl contest for FREE Super Bowl XLV tickets along with $500 to use towards airfare and tickets to the NFL Experience!

The Dallas Convention & Visitor Bureau is putting the contest on, and here are the details:

A Mystery Man will wander the streets of Pittsburgh all weekend between 9am and 7pm, starting Friday.

To win, the winner must be the first person to find him and say the secret phrase. The secret phrase can only be found on the Visit Dallas Facebook Page.

So with that, here’s the list of clues for the day for the contest:

  • At 9:30am the Mystery Man will take a walk near a bridge (or two)
  • At 7pm the Mystery Man will pack it in for the night.
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    1. what a joke.. you either have to win a ticket or hope you hit the mega millions… every fan that was in pittsburgh playing the Amazing race looking for a mystery man .. should get something.. like I stated before .. maybe a 18 game schedule is fair… 2 free to the public.. The super bowl is not about the people .. its about rich getting richer!!!!

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