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Wallace Has Still Not Inked His Tender; No Progress Being Made

Mike Wallace earlier this offseason received the team’s restricted free-agent tender for $2.7 million dollars. Wallace has not signed the tender nor has he attended any of the team’s offseason practices.

With only about three weeks until the opening of camp, there has been no progress, and, in fact, very little negotiation, toward a resolution of Wallace’s contract situation by the Steelers according to Len Pasquarelli of he Sports Xchange.

It’s a shame that this thing isn’t done already. Wallace is going to have to come in at some point, as there’s no way he will miss the season.

He is going to come in unhappy, but hopefully for the sake of the team and himself, he will play motivated. Bottom line, this thing is a mess, and the Steelers and Wallace have to at some point have to get this thing signed or a new deal done.

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  1. WestCoastSteelerFan

    July 6, 2012 at 9:58 pm

    I’m Sooo tired of this dude..and his diva attitude…ain’t nobody banging his door down! I say they extend Brown and go from there with what they have..plenty of “fast” WR out there..I like Brown,Sanders and Cotchery..Wallace shud be greatfull to be in a Steelers uniform.
    Dnt know who’s giving him such bad advice,but he really needs to reconsider

  2. DrGeorge

    July 6, 2012 at 11:26 pm

    Wallace made his intentions known last winter; he’s miffed that no one offered him a contract the size of Fitzgeralds. He’s embarrassed that he misjudged the market so badly. So, to save face, he planned to game the system, miss most of training camp, and report for the pre-season, as his contract requires. We surmised all of that in March.

    If there are no ill-feelings, the team won’t be hurt much by it. He’s in excellent condition, and he’ll be able to pick up the new routes relatively easily. Then, he’ll play well, treating the year as an audition for a contract elsewhere, much as Faneca did some years back. Between now and then, Wallace and the team may come to an financial understanding, but I wouldn’t bet on it. When a player begins to think or act like he’s bigger than the franchise, he is usually shown the door in Pittsburgh. If it happens to Wallace, he has only himself to blame. The Rooneys are not known for coddling temperamental players.

    His agent ought to consider negotiating a short contract with the Steelers on the offered terms, say two years, with incentives as sweetners that would give Wallace a chance to push his total compensation over $3 million if he hits his numbers. That would get him into the upper tier if he performs and salve Wallace’s ego at the same time.

  3. HurstGrad2013

    July 7, 2012 at 4:19 am

    Professional sport Wages are getting out of control! This country has humans fighting wars, police men or woman fighting crime, firemen risking theirs lives for like 35-50 grand a year what a Descent professional athlete makes in what not even a game! There is something Totally Wrong here Mike you may be good but, everybody is replaceable!

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  5. Ben Dover

    July 7, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    Trade him before he becomes a cancer on this team. Get something for him whether it is another player, a box of used jock straps, or draft picks.

    Oakland sounds like a good destination, they like whiney players, they trade several good draft picks at a time for washed-up players, and way over pay marginal talent, so he’s almost certain to sign with them which can only help get the deal done.

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