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Big Ben Takes the Field in Practice Today

Want Big Ben to sit this week against the Chargers? Don’t count on it. Ben Roethlisberger took the field today per usual with his team, practicing and zipping passes across the field. Not that there was ever much doubt for coach Mike Tomlin that Ben wouldn’t be the starting QB Sunday vs the Chargers, but the fans have spoken out and quite a few have stated it’s time for Roethlisberger to sit.

This comes after Sunday’s outing against a 24-20 loss against the Colts in which Ben threw two critical picks that resulted in 14 Indy points. He also threw a third pick on the last play of the game in which he threw a Hail Mary to the end zone that almost fell into the hands of WR Nate Washington.

Roethlisberger has thrown 8 picks and just one TD over the past three games, two of which have been losses at home. One reason that Tomlin thinks there has been issues is the on and off again practice schedule that Ben has been on with his bum shoulder. “I think it’s important that you practice and get physical reps,” Tomlin said. “The reality is that as we go on, we recognize the value of practice and what the physical reps mean to us as an offense.”

Last week Ben didn’t practice with the team till Friday, and there was plenty of talk even last week that he would sit and Byron Leftwich, who played well against the Skins, would get the start.

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  1. Tim

    November 12, 2008 at 5:45 pm

    Very disappointing to hear Ben practiced today. Oh well, there will be NO mistaking Coach Tomlin for Coach Noll! If Chuck Noll was Roethlisberger’s Coach he would have benched Ben so fast it would have made his head spin.

    That is the one thing I appreciated about Coach Noll, he always knew when to bench Bradshaw, and if Bradshaw protested – tough! “You sit buddy” he would have said.

    “Little Ben” needs to get a serious dose of reality and realize he isn’t the King that he thinks he is. I wish Mike Tomlin would grow a pair of stones and bench his ass, but it now looks like that ain’t gonna happen. Look for the Steelers to lose this weekend, 28-7 with “Little Intercepter Ben” tossing 3 more INT’s…and the Steelers dropping out of first place after this loss. Also look for Mike “I’m in WAAY over my head” Tomlin to make more useless excuses.

    Face it, another lost season! (Thanks Mr. Rooney for hiring a head coach who doesn’t have a clue!)

    If this keeps up I am seriously entertaining the idea of cancelling my season tickets for next season. The economy is bad enough and I refuse to enable the Steelers to be able to pay that jackass $102 Million!

  2. mark

    November 13, 2008 at 6:16 am

    Hi Tim. Tim, I have to agree that Tomlin is in over his head. However, I do think the Steelers can bounce back and win Sunday. I dont think the Steeler defense will allow the Chargers to score 27, unless this team is now in a serious tailspin. If the STeelers do NOT perform well this weekend, I can see the team splitting into 2 seperate entities. Tomlin is going to have to pull them together before the fingerpointing starts.If they can finally get the running game going, they can win this game without a problem. I just wonder how long Colbert will allow some of these coaches to keep their jobs?

  3. Tim

    November 13, 2008 at 2:23 pm

    Thanks for your comments Mark. I think I overstated it when I said the Chargers would score 27 against our defense.

    Now, I do think the team is on the verge of splitting into the factions, and Tomlin better do something to keep that from happening…and fast! The defense has been playing 110% lights out, ball busting fantastic. The offense, the O-line and the QB suck and suck bad.

    I’m getting tired of seeing Tomlin getting all rah-rah excited on the sidelines, high fiving players and slapping them after big plays. He really needs a serious dose of reality. As for Kevin Colbert, I’ve begun to hear rumors that he is putting presure on Tomlin that unless things change he (Colbert) will make some changes himself. As for what that means, only Colbert knows. As for me, I would hope Bruce Arians would be fired.

    Mark, I think he both agree Arians needs to go. As for the others, who would you think needs to be shown the door? O-Line coach? Special Teams coach?

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