Leftwich with a Tough Decision to Make as Free Agency Nears

Free-agent quarterback Byron Leftwich is going to have an interesting decision to make when it comes to going back to the Steelers in 2009. The team wants him back, and Leftwich acknowledged that playing under Mike Tomlin was the best experience of his football career, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

As a result of his great season and now Super Bowl ring, Leftwich says that he would seriously consider re-signing with the team. He does still expect to meet with other teams this offseason since he would prefer to be a starter, and there are likely some teams out there that will make him a substantially better offer.

Now it’s going to be up to Leftwich to decide – do you stay with the Steelers as a backup and maybe collect another ring? Or do you go to a team like the Lions or a team that is not nearly as good, with the opportunity to possibly be a starter? A tough decision to make, and one that the Steelers hope he’ll make to stay with the team.

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8 Comments on "Leftwich with a Tough Decision to Make as Free Agency Nears"

  1. I hope Byron stays. Sometimes the “right” thing isn’t being a star or going for the money. He loves being a Steeler and we love having him! I still love Charlie, too… he’s an original Pittsburgher and a true Steeler since he came from the Lions. Is there some irony in that??

  2. What is Batch’s status if Leftwich stays in Pittsburgh? Does he become the number 3?

    And if that happens, what about rookie QB Dixon? Do the Steelers need to be 4-deep in the QB department?

  3. Steelers would never keep 4 Qb’s unless Dixon was a “slash” player. Batch would like to come back and is healthy but he is 34 or so and Byron may be the better back-up now. I personally would like Batch in a coaching role. Who knows, maybe in a few years he can be an offensive coordinator?

  4. Thanks, Mark. That’s pretty much what I was thinking would be the case.

    I don’t know if it’s OK to post links to other blogs here, so in lieu of that, I’ll simply mention that a discussion on drafting a QB in ’09 and Dixon’s fate started yesterday over at Behind The Steel Curtain.

  5. Drafting a QB? That would be a bone-head move and a wasted pick. Ben will be around a while and I cant imagine any reason to look for a QB this soon in Ben’s career. If they are worried about his health, then spend the picks drafting a talented line in front of him. My God, what does Ben need to do to keep people from speculating the team needs to draft another QB? If it is a depth thing, what about Dixon as a pick just last year? Im sorry but I am confused.

  6. No, no. I think I might have left the wrong impression.

    Folks are generally behind Big Ben, praising him even. They also realize that the best time to draft a QB is when you don’t need one, and that it would be great to have someone learning from Ben over the next few years. (This is probably Dixon). I think the concern was over what would be happening with Leftwich and Batch, and the desire to have some trade weapons (I’m not certain how that train of thought pans out).

    As I have seriously misrepresented that discussion (and probably have not explained it any better just yet), let’s drop it.

  7. And by “let’s drop it,” I mean for me to drop trying to explain a whole off-topic/off-site thread. I’m not trying to put a gag on anyone else here. Sorry!

  8. Brainwise, not a big deal. Please dont think that I was mad at YOU. I was just worried that the team was going to waste a pick. Seriously, your right about drafting when you dont need, but not a QB in Pittsburgh. Not yet. I think if Batch or Leftwich are NOT back, the Steelers will grab a FA Qb rather then let Dixon take the #2 spot. Maybe Harrington, Orlovsky or Boller.

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