Over 5000 Steelers Fans Ink Petition to Keep Vick Off Roster

Pittsburgh Steelers v New York Jets

You knew that the signing of Michael Vick was going to draw fire to the Steelers – some of it positive and a lot of it negative.

The team inked Vick to a one-year deal on Tuesday to make him the backup to Ben Roethlisberger after usual second-string Bruce Gradkowski went down and was placed on IR with a dislocated finger.

The 35-year-old Vick spent time in prison for federal dog-fighting charges, and according to USA Today a petition was started to try and keep him off the Steelers (or probably any teams) roster.

Reports surfaced on Tuesday that Michael Vick was headed to Pittsburgh to meet with the Steelers about being the number two quarterback to Ben Rothelisburger after Bruce Gradkowski suffered a dislocated finger. Not too long after that, a Change.org petition was started to keep Vick off of the Steelers roster, referencing the 35-year-old veteran’s two-stretch in prison for federal dog-fighting charges.

“Michael Vick is a convicted felon and no-class piece of crap. He is also a terrible QB which is why he has no team. Let’s united as Steeler fans – as NFL fans – and stop him from playing on our team! Steelers fans united! Sign to keep Vick from ever wearing the coveted Steelers uniform!!”

Just hours after its inception, nearly 5,000 Steelers fans, suddenly concerned with the character of one of their quarterbacks, signed it.

Those in the corner of the Steelers say that ‘the past is the past’ and Vick should be allowed to play again and he’s not been in any trouble since the prison term.

Others say that the Steelers should not deal with anyone that has that much of a track record and the team should have found another player to sign as their backup QB, and not given Vick the shot.

What do you think?

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54 Comments on "Over 5000 Steelers Fans Ink Petition to Keep Vick Off Roster"

  1. Mike has served his time…unlike… well nevermind.

  2. every other criminal in this country has a hard time getting a job why should he be allowed to make that kind of money

  3. It doesn’t really matter if he has done his time. We are die hard Steelers fans & do not want this animal abuser in Pittsburgh, let alone playing for our team. If ticket sales pay his salary, we will not attend. Of course it doesn’t matter what the fans want, you will pay him millions. Go Packers!

  4. I started that petition and was not as you inaccurately state “suddenly concerned with the character of one of our quarterbacks”. I’m apparently one of those weird American citizens who believes in that American concept of innocent until proven guilty. Vick is actually a CONVICTED felon and I’d really that kind of crap not play for a storied franchise such as the Steelers. My thoughts and principles were obviously over ruled today by my team. I’ve been a Steeler fan all of my life and I lost respect for that team today. Sad times.

    • Right. You clowns do realize you don’t own the team right? The stadium will still be packed, and your self righteous hypocrite ass will still watch the on TV.

    • You obviously are a bigger fan of the Steelers than you are of the English language! Not being convicted does not mean innocence. Vick served his time, end of story. The NFL let him play, and now so has your GM. If you don’t like it, pick a different sport.

    • Question do you support the Black Lives Matter Movement? I find a lot of people who are upset about how dogs are treated don’t have that same passion when they see unarmed blacks being killed by police. I was wondering how you felt on the matter?

      • OMG, STOP bringing race into this issue. Vick is a POS period. I don’t give a rat’s ass what f**king color he is. If race is your argument, then you are the racist. Give it a rest, it’s getting old.

    • YOUR team!? Do you own any part of the team? This is still the US of A and the Rooneys can do whatever the hell they want with THEIR business/team…

  5. LOL Steelers “die hard fans”. Too bad you clowns aren’t so sel righteous about the other QB on your team who was twice accused of rape, and had to settle.

  6. Christine L Spencer | August 26, 2015 at 1:00 am | Reply

    I believe in redemption but Vick needs to get redeemed elsewhere!

  7. I think people need a reality check. This is about football and football only. If we are going to go by “standards” you’ll be missing 3/4 of the NFL. The man paid his dues and learned a hard lesson. Let it go and move on. Make it about football. He fills the need period.

  8. Another classic case of hate the black guy. He served his time let him play ball. Ben the rapist was welcomed with open arms by all Steeler fans after the fact. Catholic priest molest kids every day, nobody complains, no uproar, no outcry back to church as usual. Just let the man get his ball on…

    • This has nothing to do with color. This has to do with him being a person without a conscience, without character, and a monster

    • that’s Pittsburgh!!!

    • DO NOT make this about race. Do you make everything about race?? If so, YOU are the racist. Having said that, Michael Vick is a low-class POS and I hope he rots in Hell which I have no doubt he will. As the saying goes: “Sometimes I have to hug my pit bull so I don’t choke people.”

  9. Where was the petition opposing James Harrison? Oh, that’s right, a dog’s well being is more valuable than a woman’s. What country did I think I was in? Whoever started and signed this petition is a joke. Mike Vick isn’t the distraction…YOU ARE!

  10. All the racist comments need to be thrown out the window. Same as the rapist, felon, and other crap.

    Plain and simple, Mike Vick was replaced by Geno Smith, a kid who can’t play ball and got his jaw broken by a teammate after causing issues in his own locker room. Vick was less well-liked than that? Why would we want him? The guy is not some super quarterback. You think Ben is old?

    This kind of BS argument ticks me off. If you’re gonna argue, use an intelligent argument. Why the guy is not good enough to play for the team. Stop attacking each other. What does that prove?

    • What team do you coach and where is your license to evaluate talent? The two bums Vick is replacing are the ones who can play. he is being hired to be a backup who did you think they were going to get Tom Brady

  11. George W and Cheney killed thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, yet this is what you find outrageous.
    Football is just a game. If you care so much about right and wrong start a petition about something that matters and not some guy that went to jail for a bad thing that had nothing to do with HUMAN life.

    • I have way more faith in animals than I do in humans. Humans kill, rape, and abuse FOR SPORT. Animals do not!! Understand the difference?? Also, it has been proven that animal abusers will very likely go on to get their bigger thrills by murdering, raping and abusing PEOPLE. Your precious Vick will rot in Hell one day for what he has done.

  12. Ye without sin cast the first stone! from Jesus!

  13. If any of you fake Steeler fans have tickets that you no longer want to use please let me know.

  14. No longer a Steeler fan after 44 years.

  15. SMH….this argument is getting to be so out of focus and lame. Its all about filling the need. The man is a quarterback and we need a backup quarterback. Some disagree with his talent, some HATE (yes I used the word HATE not dislike because HATE is what I am sensing from a lot of the comments that I have read thusfar) but the bottom line is Its a business….ITS FOOTBALL people and if I am correct, his job duties does not require that he be around dogs or any other animals. His job is to protect and throw/run that dang pigskin – THATS IT!

    • Angela, he is a CRIMINAL. He should still be in jail for what he did. Do you not have any regard for animal life or just the human POS life that tortured and killed those dogs?? Tell me. I would really like to know. Is that POS really that important to you and your precious football? Get a f**king life.

  16. wendy thornton | August 26, 2015 at 11:21 am | Reply

    I will not support the Steelers anymore because of this. Any person who allows this kind of thing to happen to innocent animals is an animal himself. He deserves to be put in the ring with one of these dogs and let them tear him apart. Just because he was convicted of the crime does not mean that his character is any better. A large majority of criminals that are in prison repeat again when they get out. He is a cold hearted individual and I would never pull for a team that he is on. There is a huge difference in being accused of something and knowing for sure that they did it. What is wrong with this country.

  17. Steelersgirl43 | August 26, 2015 at 11:27 am | Reply

    GROW UP PEOPLE! You all HATE this talented black man as so many of the comments were expressed on FB but you all talk about the integrity. The negativity is UGLY and GUESS WHAT THE ROONEY”S ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO YOU OR HE WOULD’T be SIGNED. Do you really think your the only 5,000 STEELER FANS in the world! HELL NO there is wayyyyyyy more than that who supports Vick coming and or will STILL support the Steelers! GET A LIFE ALREADY! You don’t call the shots on or off the field. Take care of your own household and make sure your family is living right. So much STUPID ANGER! GO feed the homeless or something. The football is NOT a dog it’s a DAMN FOOTBALL. The Ben thing something did happen but he wasn’t proven guilty BUT SOMETHING happened that shouldn’t have POINT BLANK. You all can say he wasn’t found guilty is just your way of saying “Its fine he’s BEN”. I love Ben and I respect him and his ordeal is over so people have moved on but you can do the same for this black man! I WONDER WHY! PFFFFFFFFFFF to hell with these fake fans! GO VICK/ #Rooneysyouhavemysupport, #gosteelers #fakeassfans #destroyinggoodpoperty #watchoutfortheglasswhenuthrowstones

    • You stopped having me at “talented black man”. Gross. Again, this is not a race issue. He is a low-class POS and anyone who does not condemn him, is also well, a POS. I suggest that you get a life.

      • Where is your indignation for the American lives lost in Iraq for a lie? Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives.


        I love dogs but I would never place a 10 dogs life over 1 human’s life.

  18. When Ben was going through his case(s) I didn’t see nobody jumping ship. Nobody saying how terrible he was. But if you white the scrutiny only go so far.Black though you are immediately condemned history proves that over and over again. People don’t wanna admit it’s about race. Most of y’all is Catholic but still going to church while the priest are raping kids over and over. I bet none of you left the church. Maybe you condone that behavior and forgive. It’s all about forgiveness. If you can’t do that, like they did Ben cause he paid them off. Let this man live because he served his debt to society. Gotta love America

    • JerseyStillers | August 27, 2015 at 1:50 am | Reply

      Fucking get real. You got slave mentality ain’t never been to church in your life dawg. What white gotta do wit it? Jack. Steelers is a damn team and business not something you all getta run

  19. Fans a fickle. They’ll whine until their team starts winning. All of you complaining about Vick.STFU

  20. Whoever claims to a steelers fan and started this petition needs to slapped. I am a true fan and we all know that Big Ben was twice during accused of rape and no one started a petition. Mike was not directly involved in the dog fighting. Mike is more than welcome to be a Steeler!! Proud of the team for giving him a chance.

  21. God forgives us based on our capacity to forgive others. Be careful of your petty actions and words because you only end up condemning yourselves.

  22. vick is nothing but a thug. I watched his first interview with the steelers. I think he realizes that he truly doesn’t belong in such a great organization. You can see the evil still lurks behind his eyes.

  23. Funny how these fans support a White Rapist and a Pothead for a RB, but not Vick ! Yall need to STFU !

  24. JerseyStillers | August 27, 2015 at 1:52 am | Reply

    Dam pot smokers all across NFL who cares? Not just burgh

  25. Most of you are letting your emotions speak without the benefit of intellect. I’ve been a responsible and loving dog owner most of my life and Mike Vick’s involvement seemed to be limited but wrong. Whatever energy you put out will most definitely return to you multiplied! I am a mixed race individual and I became a Steeler fan in the seventies because they were and still are the best example of what an American sports franchise should be. I find that most people are unconscious incompetents. stop hiding behind your emails and enjoy your life and this football season. I forgive Mike Vick and anyone else who makes mistakes. Try love instead of hate and I promise you’ll feel better! Go Steelers!

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