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  • Tomlin Lists Off a Number of Injuries – Foster, Shazier and Rogers All Questionable

    Ramon Foster

    It’s no surprise after Sunday’s awful loss to the Eagles and the way that players left the game with injuries that today Mike Tomlin gave a rather long injury report as he met with the media.

    Three players that sound like are not going to play include guard Ramon Foster, slot receiver Eli Rogers and linebacker Ryan Shazier.

    Tomlin listed the three as “very questionable” for the Sunday night game against the Chiefs at Heinz Field. Two other players Tomlin brought up on the injury report include safeties Robert Golden and Sean Davis.

    The injuries are very much something to keep an eye on this week as the gets ready for Kansas City, a team that Sunday took care of the Jets with a bundle of turnovers in a win at Arrowhead Stadium.

    There was some good news on the injury front, that being linebacker Lawrence Timmons, is should be fine and ready to go Sunday. Timmons left the game and played just 17 snaps due to a “puncture wound.”

  • Steelers Get Roster Exemption for RB Le’Veon Bell


    The Steelers will be getting a huge offensive weapon back this week with the return of running back Le’Veon Bell, and today the team received a roster exemption for him.

    What that means is the team has until 4pm Eastern on Thursday to make a roster move to add Bell. More than likely with the number of injuries from Sunday the team will have a wait and see approach to the roster move.

    There’s no question Bell is going to add to an offense that Sunday scored just three points and looked nothing like the offense that put up 62 points in the first two games.

    DeAngelo Williams has 258 yards and a pair of TD’s 66 attempts this season, and also has 14 receptions. It will be interesting how Todd Haley uses the pair in the backfield starting this week against the Chiefs on Sunday night.

  • Antonio Brown on the Philadelphia Beat Down – “We Got Our Butt Kicked”

    Antonio Brown

    After the Eagles 34-3 victory over the Steelers, wide receiver Antonio Brown spoke about being on the receiving end of a thumping administered by the Eagles aggressive defense.

    “Well,” Brown told reporters, “we got our butt kicked. We couldn’t put points up. Couldn’t get any stops. We have to find a way to get back.”

    Brown got a lot of garbage yards and catches after the Steelers were blown out by allowing 21 points in the third quarter, which turned a 13-3 game into a 34-4 game.

    Overall AB had 12 catches for 140 yards, but there’s also the question as to why he was even in the game getting those garbage catches when the Steelers clearly had the bus warmed up in the fourth quarter.

    “It’s all about winning and losing,” Brown said. “Today, we got our butts kicked. It’s not about what we did individually. Collectively, we sucked. We got blown out and couldn’t put up enough points.”

    Or any for that matter.

  • Steelers Beaten Every Which Way, Embarrassed By Eagles 34-3 in Philadelphia

    Pittsburgh Steelers v Philadelphia Eagles

    The Steelers played Sunday’s affair with the Philadelphia Eagles like they should have never gotten off the bus.

    The team was beaten in every facet of the game like never before under coach Mike Tomlin, who should be ashamed and embarrassed at his coaches and players for the way the team performed.

    The result was simple, a 34-3 butt whipping at the hands of the Eagles who rolled out a rookie quarterback who had beaten two bad defenses.

    Sunday, it looked like three bad defenses.

    With little to no pressure minus a few plays from James Harrison, Carson Wentz picked apart the Steelers defense to the tune of 302 yards and two touchdowns with a quarterback rating of 125.9.

    His counterpart on the other hand, Ben Roethlisberger, was part of an offense that looked nothing like the team that beat up the Redskins in the opener and last week did enough at home against the Bengals to get the team to a perfect 2-0.

    Roethlisberger 24-for-44 for 257 yards and a pick for a 62.4 QB rating. He also was sacked four times for 35 yards, and was under pressure just about every time he threw, just like the outing in Philly back in 2008.

    There’s no sugar coating this loss in any way. The Steelers were manhandled as much as any Steelers team we’ve seen in the last decade, and that has to be a concern.

    Sure it’s just one game, but the result was so totally lopsided, and the fact the team suffered a number of injuries on defense has to have Steeler Nation wondering just what the heck is going on?

    Name any important stat, and the Eagles dominated it. Total yards – Philly 426 to the Steelers 251. Time of possession – Eagles 34:56 to the Steelers 25:04.

    I also don’t think I’ve ever seen a Tomlin team come out of the halftime locker room as ill prepared as this one was on Sunday.

    With the team down 13-3, the Eagles put the game away with relative ease, scoring 21 third quarter points with a big play by Wentz to Darren Sproles, running the ball effectively, and making smart plays while the Steelers seem totally dazed.

    The Steelers have a week to think about this complete meltdown, and will get the spotlight of National TV the next time we see them when they play the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night football next Sunday.

    For now, what happened Sunday is totally unacceptable in every fashion. Let’s hope it turns into a bump in the road on the way to a successful season.

  • First Half Thoughts as the Steelers Trail the Eagles 13-3 in Philadelphia

    Pittsburgh Steelers v Philadelphia Eagles

    I can’t say much has gone right for the Steelers in the first half this afternoon in Philadelphia, as it seems like every time the Eagles have had the ball, they have been able to score and make plays.

    There’s also been a number of injuries on the Steelers defense, and lineman Ramon Foster left the game on offense, another blow to a team that came in looking good at 2-0 after the win last week over the Bengals.

    Here’s a couple thoughts on the game, and how the Steelers hopefully can turn it around in the second half.

    * Pressure Wentz. Sounds simple doesn’t it? James Harrison finally got in late in the second half, but overall the Steelers did little against Wentz in the first half, and this after we talked all week about how in the past the Steelers dominated rookie QB’s. Wentz was 18-for-25 in the first half, Ben Roethlisberger attempted just 18 passes the entire first half. The Steelers have done little to confuse Wentz in their coverage, and unless they mix things up, the rookie is simply going to keep eating this defense apart.

    * If the run game isn’t going to work, which seems to be the case considering the Steelers have 15 yards on eight carries in the first half, how about making the game faster with a little no-huddle? The teams’ base offense is going nowhere fast, and Big Ben is getting pressure by an Eagles D we talked about has been very good at getting to the quarterback the first two weeks. Either start the series in the shotgun and use DeAngelo Williams as a pass catcher or on draws, or go to another game plan, because this one isn’t working.

    * Get off the field. The defense, while beat up with injuries, is making silly mistakes with missed tackles and key penalties on third downs. They had a personal foul on a dumb penalty on Lawrence Timmons, and William Gay had a bad PI call on another third down, that didn’t look like much of a penalty. If the Steelers are going to rally, they have to either force a turnover or two, or simply get off the field and let the offense go to work. The Time of Possession was 15:47 to 14:13, but it seemed more lopsided.


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