Steelers May Have Interest in Townsend After the Market Opens

Ed Bouchette of the Post-Gazette speculates the Steelers will not re-sign impending free-agent CB Deshea Townsend before the free-agent market opens March 5. However, there is some interest in re-signing Townsend if he does not get a strong offer from another team. Townsend has recorded 429 tackles, 15.5 quarterback sacks, and 21 interceptions during his twelve years as a Steeler.

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  1. After what I saw last year from that secondary, Townsend is still an updrade from Gay! He would not have dropped the INT the Burnett dropped that cost us the game against the Raiders either! As far as Im concerned, Townsed still has a bit of gas in the tank and makes a quality 3rd or 4th CB, or even a safety if he would train for it. I know keeping him might stunt the growth of some of the younger CB on the roster or on the draft charts, but this team is too close to being a champion again.I would sure try to keep Deshea if they can. I think Townsend has been a quality Steeler for every year he has been there. He should have been a starter over Dewayne Washington in the early part of the decade, and really owes the fans or the organization nothing. He is a quality player and deserves a chance to retire as a Steeler.

    • I agree with you 100%, Mark.

      Townsend is a good player, and deserves to be a part of this team. He has continuously given his all every year. He had a rough year this year, but they all did. As far as hands go, yeah, he would not have dropped many at all unlike Ike Taylor who drops at least 10 a year seemingly. I kinda wonder though…they had him playing mostly nickle this year. I wonder if with his “age” if he actually would have been better had they given him a chance to play more often so he could actually get in rythum rather than playing for a bit, then sitting?

  2. I hope he will come back for the Veteran minimum.

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