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4 Comments on "What Player Were you most Impressed with Saturday Night?"

  1. Pouncey, anyone?

  2. I would say Dixon, Redman, and Pouncey.

    Dixon showed good poise and did not make a bad read all game.
    Redman did extremely well at gaining yards after first contact was made.
    & Pouncey played with consistency.

    Brown made some good catches, but it was often difficult to tell how much was a good play by him and how much was a bad play by Detroit’s backups. Starting CBs aren’t going to be out of position like the ones covering brown were.

    Keenan Lewis did all right but wasn’t as spectacular as people made him out to be. He had great position on the end zone breakup (but it should have been an interception with the position that he had).

  3. Antonio Browm ….. a 68 yard touchdown!!!!!

  4. Random question for Steeler nation…
    Do you think Lamar Woodley will be a Steeler for the next 5-6 years? Less than that? More than that???

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