OPEN THREAD – First Half vs the Panthers

It’s Kickoff at Heinz Field between the Steelers and Panthers, as the black and gold look to get to 11-4 on the year, and get a win away from clinching the AFC North and the #2 seed in the AFC.

Here’s tonight’s Inactives:

Carolina: WR Armanti Edwards, C Chris Morris, CB Chris Gamble, DL Edward Johnson, FS Gerald Alexander, QB Keith Null, CB R.J. Stanford, FB Tony Fiammetta.
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Pittsburgh: DL Aaron Smith, WR Arnaz Battle, QB Charlie Batch, OT Chris Scott, RB Jonathan Dwyer, DL Steve McLendon, OT Tony Hills, SS Troy Polamalu.

We will update the thread throughout the first half, and we would love to hear your thoughts throughout!

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45 Comments on "OPEN THREAD – First Half vs the Panthers"

  1. Let’s take it to em early and often.. 32 year anniversary of the Immaculate reception. Don’t want tonight’s game to be that close..

  2. Sure wished Troy was gonna be on the field tonight!

  3. Ouch Bigcat, don’t need Franco heroics tonight, hopefully the team will have this thing over by half!

  4. Defense on the field first let’s smack ’em in the mouth early!!

  5. I’d like to see us play a complete game tonight for a change, Matt

  6. Come on D-line fill those holes!

  7. Farrior is one fantastic Linebacker!

  8. Never tackle a big back high!!

  9. The tackling wasn’t so good on that drive, but based on the fact it ended with a net 15 yard punt, we will take it!

  10. Alright, gave up more yards than I’d like to see in the first series, now let’s run it down their throats!!

  11. Nice run, Mendenhall

  12. WOW, Nice catch by Miller!!

  13. Scott didn’t last long in there tonight.

  14. Great start on offense, Sanders with the TD and now the D will take over!

  15. Now you’d think Carolina would be smart enough to know when they flush Big Ben they are asking for trouble!

  16. Is there a question as to wether he had control of the ball?

  17. BS CALL!!! It was in his hands the entire time!

  18. That’s how you fill the running lanes!

  19. I want to see Harrison Light Clausen up!!

  20. Farrior with the big SACK on 4th down!!

  21. Good play by Ben to hold the ball for that extra second!

  22. Here we go with the PENALTIES that eat you alive!!

  23. Ben floated that one a little too much

  24. Why is the clock stopped?

  25. Working on Ben’s nose, broken again?

  26. That big holding penalty set up that failed series..

  27. That was a great throw, Clausen!!


  29. Ben’s already 6/8 for 116 yards and a TD!!

  30. This game should be over, the Panthers should not get close to 10 tonight

  31. Sloppy play by Ben, turnover when they had a great shot to put the game away

  32. Turnovers will keep the other team in the ball game!

  33. Ben pulled out to quick on that fumble!

  34. Flag takes away the Panthers first down, another break!

  35. Nice run, Redman!!

  36. Sorry, Flozell the hotel is awful

  37. Nice pitch and catch… 35 yard pickup on 2 and 18

  38. Ben in tune with Sanders and Miller, getting close to 17-0

  39. Now we might have Carolina out of their game plan. Not sure you can run the ball down 3 scores. Steelers get the ball to start the second half too!

  40. Big Ben 13-for-15 for 198 yards with a TD

  41. Great catch by Wallace, they do want to put this totally away by half!

  42. That sure looked like a poor spot on that fourth down attempt.

  43. Need a big stop here on 3rd down..

  44. Nice run, Mendy!!

  45. 27-0 This one’s for the late great “Dandy” Don Meridith, “Turn out the lights, the party’s over”. Even if he was a former Cowboy, he was still a good color man on Monday night!!

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