Steelers Christmas Wishes

It’s that time of year again for Santa Claus to deliver his bag of gifts, and the Steelers are not above getting a few gifts of their own as they look to get back to their second Super Bowl in three seasons. So here we go with gifts to select Steelers players and coaches.

Mike Tomlin – The ability to get in an officials face after the team gets no-call after no-call, and then the next time a call clearly goes against the Steelers the refs throw a flag.

Hines Ward – Five more years of health so he can keep building on his Hall of Fame playing career.

James Harrison – Understanding by the officials that he’s not even close to a dirty player, and that they can stop anytime throwing flags on him when they feel like it.

Troy Polamalu – A full slate of health so that he can keep making game changing plays as the team looks to reach Super Bowl XLV.

Bruce Arians – A game of perfect play calling so everyone here on Steelers Gab can get off his back.

Mike Wallace – The continued growth of eventually turning into the Steelers #1 wide out.

Aaron Smith – Fast healing of his arm injury so he can be a force in the postseason on the Steelers D-line.

LaMarr Woodely – A fat new contract that he deserves so he can continue to cause havoc on the Steelers D for the next 5-6 years.

Dick LeBeau – The drive to keep designing blitzes to get to opposing quarterbacks, and the will to coach a few more seasons as the best coordinator in the NFL.

Feel Free to leave your own wishes in the comments section, and we’ll add more as we get them in! Merry Christmas!!!

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5 Comments on "Steelers Christmas Wishes"

  1. I don’t want to do this but…

    Ben Roethlisberger: Having females keep their mouths closed.

  2. I don’t want to change the way BA calls a game. What I want is for BA to develop a more physical type of running game. Mix up his formations and personell packages.

  3. (One of) my wishes is for someone to respond and tell me what’s up with Chris Ellis on the practice squad? This dude was drafted early in the third round by the Bills a few years ago and has tons of upside. He was somewhat of a bust in Buffalo especially when they went to the 3-4 but we all know how no one rivals us in terms of the ability to develop linebacking talent. He’s like 6’4″ and 261. This was nice to see as it may mean at the very least we won’t have to look to the LB position any time soon in upcoming drafts. As far as the present matters at hand, I too wish BA would call better games so people like me would get off his back.

  4. I can’t believe I’m going to do this BUT it is the Christmas season:

    Limas Sweed – one more chance to show he was worthy of a high draft pick although he may have lost his opportunity already with the solid play of # 88 and # 84

  5. My xmas wish is for the steelers to make it to the superbowl lol

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