Steelers Hopeful Roethlisberger Can Prep For 49ers On Limited Reps

Mike Tomlin considers Ben Roethlisbeger day to day this week as he recovers from a left ankle injury, but knows his quarterback won’t need much practice time to play against the 49ers. Tomlin told Bay Area reporters during a conference call Wednesday that Roethlisberger would not require a lot of practice time this week to be prepared to face the 49ers on Monday night, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“He can be ready to play on a limited number of snaps,” Tomlin said. “At the end of the week when we get into some situational football things, that’s going to require some physical preparation in some form or fashion. But we’re going to take it day by day. We’re always going to be optimistic when it comes to Ben.”

Roethlisberger declined to talk to reporters Wednesday and wore a walking boot while walking with a noticeable limp out of the team’s facility. Tomlin said Tuesday that Roethlisberger was working “tirelessly” to be on the field against the 49ers, but that he would have to practice at some point this week in order to play.

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  1. He’ll answer the bell. He is a little bit of a drama queen but he is tough as a $2 dollar steak. Some might say he is about as smart as one too but you get my point.

  2. I agree, Peter, and Tomlin is handling the injury wisely. A seasoned veteran with an injury doesn’t need the reps; he needs treatment and rest. But the game plan will have to be adapted to his lack of mobility, as I wrote yesterday. If we get a lead, I’d not be surprised to see Batch or Dixon come in to spare Ben the hits. But this game is too important for Ben not to play, if at all possible.

    • Well Doc if the offense is tailored to his lack of mobility, then watch out. All year long we have been wanting Ben to stay in the pocket and make quick throws. When he does, Ben is extremely effective. If Ben can get some zip on his quick release throws, then I’m more than confident he can get the job done

      • Yes, my friend, you are right about that. If he can step into his throws, he’ll be fine. But he was having trouble with that immediately after the injury, and no one knows how much zip he’ll have against the 49ers or whether our O-line can protect him all night. As Matt Loede wrote, one awkward sack, and Ben may be done for the night.

        Meanwhile, logic suggests that Arians will be cranking up the running game and the short passing routes, both to protect Ben and to control time of possession for the benefit of our banged up defense. There are all sorts of ways we can win this one if Ben is able to go. But Arians has to prepare an attack that Batch\Dixon can run if Ben can’t go or if he gets hurt. I am more concerned about Arians’ game plan and play calling than Ben’s execution.

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