Goodnight Ratbirds!!!!! Cundiff Pulls the Choke of the Year!

How did that taste Thomas Crowley?

Or how about this one?

Boo hoo Baltimore fans!

And one more good one

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21 Comments on "Goodnight Ratbirds!!!!! Cundiff Pulls the Choke of the Year!"

  1. Joe “I look like Frankenstien” Flacco pulled an Ovech-trick: n A player that disappears in a playoff game when his team needs him most.

    Bwa ha ha ha, the Ravens fall in another AFC Championship Game!!!!!

    Who thinks Flacco or Billy “Wide left” Cundiff will be back next year? I’m guessing Ray-Ray “Kill a guy” Lewis and Ed Reed are done too.

    I hate New England and hope they lose to the Giants again, but it was awesome to see John Harbaugh mutter “He missed it.” *sniff sniff*

    This is a great day in Steeler Country!

  2. It’s definitely nice to boast, however calling out a person begins to lose journalistic integrity.

  3. Poor John Harbaugh,Poor Ray Lewis and Poor Tom Crowley!! Could not have happened to 3 better guys. hahahahahahhahaha. Patriots get through on the fact that Ravens gag when it counts and because they get every break on earth. I never thought i would say this, but; GO NFC!!

  4. I’ll take the hit for losing “journalistic integrity.” I’m still a Black and Gold Fan, and if you were one, you couldn’t tell me that wasn’t the greatest sight you’ve seen in a LONG time.

    At the end of the day, we’re still a blog, and a blog is about having fun as much as it is passing on news and opinions.

    • It was a fantastic day for Pittsburgh indeed, Penguins win, Caps lose, Ravens lose. Don’t question my allegiance to the Black and Gold Nation. Don’t get me wrong either, Crawley is a douchebag just like all Ravens fans

    • Matt, you do a great job! Nice to see that you don’t take yourself too seriously. You help provide guys like me who can’t live on the web with quality news coverage and opinions. Some fans who blog need to remember that we are just fans who probably don’t know as much as we think we know. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to your draft coverage.

    • blackNgold4life | January 23, 2012 at 4:53 am | Reply

      Loved it! But I’m a realist, the Ratbirds will still be that thorne in our side next year as much as I hate the franchise I gotta respect they game. But as of right now I’m LMMFAO! can’t wait to hear Skip Bayless say he told us so about “T-FIZZLE” Fuck it! Go Giants, a Patriots loss would be just as great

    • Great job Matt. You are right about this being a blog. We allow many fans of other teams come on here and take shots at our Steelers, so no-one should have a problem with you or any of us dishing it out a bit.

  5. Fact: Ray Lewis has as many plea bargains to get out of a murder charge as he does Super Bowl rings. Fuck off Thomas Crowley. You are a loser, your team is a loser and your fans are, once again, losers. I laugh at your misery and take joy in the fact that once again your team lost.

  6. where were the steelers again?

    • Sitting at home with their 6 rings

    • steelers blow,

      How lame are you to create a user name like that? Tell me, what kind of loser douche bag does something like that?

      As for your question, “where were the steelers again?” They’re at home resting, getting ready for the draft, the same as the Ravens.

      By the way, you’re an uneducated idiot. In English you capitalize the first letter of the first word of a sentence, and proper nouns. Get up off of the sofa bed in your mom’s basement and get an education you moron, your mom won’t miss you, she can scrub her own back during your special “mommy and son” afternoon bath time.

      • You know nothing about me but the length of your response tells me everything I need to know about you lol and I’m a Terp btw

        • So you couldn’t get into Johns Hopkins or UVA

        • You’re right I don’t know you, what I do know though is that your posts are fraught with the types of grammatical errors present in the writings of 10 year-olds. You are judged online by the way you write, and I judge you to be an uneducated idiot.

          As for your claim that you are a Terp, which I’m sure is a veiled reference inferring that you are either a student at or an alumnus of the University of Maryland. If so, you need to go back and demand a refund of your tuition, they failed you because you write like an uneducated idiot. You see in Pennsylvania institutes of higher learning we are required to take College Writing so that we don’t write like uneducated idiots.

          Just because you say you’re a Terp doesn’t make you one. I can claim that I’m the Queen of England, that doesn’t make me the Queen of England though, and I don’t think you’re a Terp just because you say you are.

          • You’re a moron. Sorry I didn’t capitalize the first letter of a post on some second rate website. Sadly no one cares what you think and the fact that you make so many assumptions based on one sentence I wrote demonstrates your own ignorance. I feel sorry for you, but don’t bother with another lengthy response. We should take this to Facebook because I’d really enjoy seeing what a sad piece of shit you are lol. Plus it would confirm my terp status.

  7. Shining our 6 lombardi trophies

  8. Take that timeout you left on the board and use it next time you think it’s smart to get Gatorade shower after first game. Losers !

  9. u lost to tebow lolz

    • No, you uneducated idiot, the Steelers didn’t lose to Tim Tebow, they lost to the Denver Broncos. Didn’t you listen to Ray-Ray “kill a guy” Lewis after the Ravens crushing loss in the AFC Championship Game? “No one guy wins or loses a game, we win as a team and we lose as a team.”

      The Ravens didn’t deserve to play in the Super Bowl because they put more importance on winning an AFC North Division Championship by beating the Steelers twice –which was their Super Bowl– than winning an NFL Championship. Losers set regular season goals, and the Ravens, and their fans, are losers.

  10. It speaks plenty for a team that weighs their success upon beatiing another twice in a year. Ravens have a long way to go if beating us is all that matters to them. Maybe next year they will focus on beating the team in front of them and not be fixated on the Steelers. We lost to Tebow and that is embarrasing but at least we were not a dropped pass from the superbowl because that probaly stings a little more. Oh yeah eat shit and die Ravens.

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