King: Don’t Be Shocked to See Jim Caldwell as the Next Steelers OC

With Bruce Arians gone, there’s a little tidbit in today’s Monday Morning NFL QB from Peter King that points to who he thinks will be the next Steelers offensive coordinator – former Colts coach Jim Caldwell.

Mike Tomlin (secondary) and Jim Caldwell (quarterbacks) coached together at Tampa Bay under Tony Dungy in Dungy’s last season with the Bucs, 2001, if you’re looking for a clue on the next offensive coordinator in Pittsburgh.

Caldwell was dismissed as the Colts head coach last week after the team went 2-14. He led Indy to the Super Bowl in his first season in 2009, the Colts were AFC South champs and lost in the first playoff game in 2010, and were awful this past season without Peyton Manning.

Caldwell joined Tony Dungy’s staff with the Buccaneers in 2001 as quarterbacks coach. He followed Dungy to Indianapolis in 2002 and remained with him for his entire tenure, helping lead the Colts to a win in Super Bowl XLI.

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3 Comments on "King: Don’t Be Shocked to See Jim Caldwell as the Next Steelers OC"

  1. please no. hell no. i am begging the steelers not to hire this guy…

  2. Credit where it’s due, Pittsburgh sportswriter Jim Wexell has been talking about Tomlin’s relationship with Caldwell for a while, that’s where King got it from. I don’t like the Caldwell idea at all — check out his record as a college coach. It’s pretty bad. Together with what he did at Indy, I wouldn’t exactly call him an impressive candidate.

  3. Come on man! I live in Indy and Caldwell is no oc. Peyton when playing is. The Oct of the colts! FACT! CALDWELL WAS A QB COACH. PERIOD!!! we all know he had nothing to do with developing Peyton! He was dungy’s buddy and he made a spot for him. He took the Cadillac dingy and pollian built and crashed it! He’s a nice guy but nice guys don’t when super bowls. When he had to coach because the true player slash coach was hurt he lead the colts to a 2-14 season. As much as I hate to say it BA would be better than Caldwell! BA SUCKS!!!!! So you do the math on Caldwell!

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