Arians Speaks Out – Still Not Sure Why He’s Not Coming Back in 2012

Finally after a few head scratching days, Bruce Arians is speaking out about exactly what happened between he and the Steelers that lead to him no longer being the offensive coordinator.

Sort of.

Whatever the case, it clearly doesn’t sound like Arians has “retired,” as it’s being reported he’s already looking to continue his coaching career, speaking to other teams.

Frank Bodani of the York Daily Record caught up with Arians, and he says Art Rooney II didn’t give the OC a reason why he wasn’t coming back to the team in 2012. “I can’t answer that question. Only the people there can. That’s the business. I know the job we did as a staff. I don’t have any regrets.”

So how is Arians’ good pal Ben Roethlisberger dealing with the change? Sounds like he’s not too happy, but he will deal with it and move on.

“He’s not happy, but that’s part of the business,” Arians said. “He is happy for me. He lives around the corner and we’ll still see each other a lot. The phone is always there when he needs me.”

Arians also seemed close to head coach Mike Tomlin.

“My door is always open to him. I respect him a ton,” Arians said. “I enjoyed our relationship and learned a lot. It was great watching him grow and working with him.”

“I can’t answer that question. Only the people there can. That’s the business. I know the job we did as a staff. I don’t have any regrets.”

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4 Comments on "Arians Speaks Out – Still Not Sure Why He’s Not Coming Back in 2012"

  1. I know exactly what happened between Bruce Arians and the Steelers that led to him no longer being their offensive coordinator, its very simple. Last season Art Rooney II told him to run a more balanced, ball-control offence, Arians thumbed his nose at his suggestion. Rooney II is the man who signs the pay checks, Arians chose to cater to that egotistical douche bag –Ben Roethlisberger– and reverted to passing the ball 60% of the time again this season. That’s really stupid and is why Art Rooney II will no longer be signing pay checks for Bruce Arians.

    As for how Arians’ good pal Ben Roethlisberger is dealing with the change? Who cares? Roethlisberger doesn’t sign the pay checks, Art Rooney II does. Hopefully the Steelers bring in another OC like Ken Whisenhunt who understands that running the ball benefits both the offense and defense, football is a team game, if you control the ball you keep the defense off of the field, which keeps them fresh and effective.

    I like the move, now let’s get a fullback and start controlling the clock and playing championship football again.

  2. The steelers time of possession this year was 32:33 per game. In 2005, the year cowher won his only SB, their TOP was 31:44. Its not as simple as adding a full back and pounding the ball like the good old days. TOP is about converting 3rd downs which the steelers were great at this year for most of the season. The rules are set up to make it easier to pass the ball. I don’t think we should be throwing the ball 60 percent of the time either but in certain situations we should. Ben is a weapon that we should take advantage of. He is a top 5 QB. Let him throw. Just be more strategic and game plan more efficiently than arians did.

    • Good point about the T.O.P., their third-down conversion rate was about only about 35% in 2005, as compared to nearly 45% last year.

      As for your point that Roethlisberger is a top five quarterback, that’s only because Peyton Manning was out with an injury. You won’t be able to say that of him next season with the emergence of Cam Newton, Matthew Stafford, and Andy Dalton.

      The best reason to take the ball out of Ben’s hands is to protect him from himself. He holds on to the ball too long and exposes himself to too many hits, over 50% of the sacks are his fault. He needs to get over his ego, and do what’s best for the team.

  3. i agree with the sacks but he is a top 5 QB. Give me ben over any of three you listed. there is Brady, Manning,(when healthy), Brees, Rodgers and Ben. YOu could argue Eli and rivers in there as well but i will take Ben all day. He does need to stop holding on to the ball and pick his spots though. sometimes an incompletion and a punt are not bad things…

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