Steelers Re-Sign Veteran OT Max Starks

Starks back to hopefully help Ben

The Steelers gave Ben Roethlisberger a little more beef in front of him Tuesday as the team came to terms with offensive tackle Max Starks. Financial terms of the one-year deal were not disclosed.

The former third round pick of the Black and Gold in 2004 has been with the Steelers for all eight of his NFL seasons. He has started 80 games overall, including 12 last season.

He’s also been a big part of the two Super Bowl winning teams, as he started at left tackle in the Steelers’ Super Bowl XLIII victory over the Arizona Cardinals and started at right tackle in the team’s Super Bowl XL win against the Seattle Seahawks.

I like the signing, as despite some thinking it means Mike Adams may not be ready, to me it’s another sign that the club is fully committed to fixing what has been their biggest issue over the past few seasons – a lack of depth on the O-line.

Starks has his flaws, but overall I can’t see how this could be a bad signing for the Steelers with camp 10 days away.

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3 Comments on "Steelers Re-Sign Veteran OT Max Starks"

  1. solid signing… hopefully we can cut Scott now!!!

  2. As a fan, you’ve got to love the maturity of a player like Starks, who is cut (last year) and then re-signed in mid-year, gets thrown into the starting lineup cold, plays himself into shape, and performs well — only to get cut again at season’s end. Then the Steelers ask him to come back on another one year contract this year — and instead of pouting, the guy gets his lunch bucket and comes back for another run, knowing the job is going to belong to Mike Adams shortly. I’m sure his agent made the Steelers pay good money for the privilege, but money aside, there is a matter of pride as well. Yet, Starks is a true pro, who didn’t let any ill-will that lingered from being cut twice get in the way. He may not be the greatest LT we ever had, but you have to commend his loyalty. And he’s one very valuable insurance policy.

    • Phillip Williams | April 27, 2013 at 8:37 pm | Reply

      Hello Dr. George, First let me say I have been a very loyal Steelers Fan for the past 40+ years and most of the time – happy. I have to disagree with you about Max Starks. I have never seen a bigger OT that crumbled as often and for as long then Starks. The Steelers need to protect Ben in the pocket and for someone of Starks size this should be no problem – but just as the picture above in this post, he is better at picking Ben up than preventing him from being there in the first place. Not only has he been cut twice before it should be CLEAR to everyone he needs to be replaced. I would really like to here any feed-back you might have and I thank you for letting me vent here.

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