ESPN: Recent Words Between Wallace and Steelers Not Helping Matters

It’s day three now of the Mike Wallace holdout, and ESPN AFC North blogger Jamison Hensley says today that he thinks a deal between the two sides can get done – but there is doubt with recent words from Kevin Colbert and the fact it was Wallace’s idea for the holdout in the first place.

I still think a deal can get done between Wallace and the Steelers before the start of the regular season, but this recent downward spiral in negotiations has certainly created some doubt that this will be resolved quickly. This has become a high-priced game of chicken, in which one side is going to have to back down. Right now, it doesn’t look like the Steelers are going to give an inch until Wallace signs his $2.7 million tender.

Both sides made their best power plays this week. Because no team showed any interest in him in restricted free agency, Wallace’s only move to gain any sort of leverage was holding out. Because the Steelers can’t discipline or fine Wallace (he isn’t under contract until he signs his tender), the team’s only move to force him to report was to suspend talks.

Bottom line, the longer this goes, the more damage can be done, which is why it’s important for these two sides to try and get a deal done quickly, and without any more words between them.

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