Photo Gallery From the Steelers 20-14 Loss to the Browns Sunday

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7 Comments on "Photo Gallery From the Steelers 20-14 Loss to the Browns Sunday"

  1. Big Ben don’t come back this year to try to suffage a losing team with no backbone. The defense played well enough to win. But Medenhall and the rest are losers. Pop Warner types. Wallace is a joke wanting millions for what. Running around with his finger up his ass. Troy is a basket case, go back to your church and pray for anothe hair commercial. Woodley is a injury waiting to happen. Pouncey the same way my ankle my ass hurts. Why does the othe teams not have all these accuses. Steelers are a hospitals dream team. Obamacare should be called steelercare. Offensive line had not got a push all year, they just stand there and no where to run. Put the steelers of the five yard line and they couldn’t make a TD if ther life depended on it. Maybe this coach should go back to the Bucs as a assistant on special teams. Sad situation for fans that live and work hard all week to see them play with good hard earned money and loss to the Browns. That’s like losing a fight to your kindergarden kid with glasses and weighting forty lbs. It’s sick and Pittsburgh deserves better.This like Sidney Crosbey the wimp that is soft and can’t fight to win for himself and the fans.

    • Love it, Ed, thought I was the only one on here who thought that! Guess the other black and rose colored glasses wearers would rather take the “high” route and not comment and be satisfied with (6) Lombardi’s than speaking out about the soft and unacceptable play week in and week out.

  2. Big Ben don’t play this year. Heal man and enjoy baby. Let Tomlin be next man up. Woodley, Wallace, Medenhall should give back at least half there salaries. Soft and twitter champions. They should change Obamacare to Woodleycare. Come on man, man up. Your a Steeler not a Brown or now are we becomeing the Browns?????? Man up Tomlin you’ve been braindead for two seasons. Man up chump and earn that paycheck.

  3. The game was clearly unacceptable. Fans have every right to be frustrated with the level of play the Steelers put out yesterday. Fumble after fumble, interception after interception. It was a hard game to swallow. Even if the refs had the right call at the end of the game when Richardson fumbled and no call was made, I’m still not certain Batch would have been able to get a scoring drive. Besides Miller and Saunders, no one on the offense came to play.

    Next point… is it me or does the rest of Steeler Nation cant understand what the heck this hot hand running back committee is supposed to accomplish. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I’d say stick with Dwyer and let him get into a groove. Pulling him after a fumble wasnt going to accomplish anything but hurt his development. As a coach, Tomlin has to give Dwyer the chance to rebound after a costly mistake, not just toss the next rb out into the fire. Honestly the way Tomlin has handled the running game has been a joke.

    The game plan was not thought out well at all. I understand that you want to pound the football and try to out physical the Browns, but its hard to accomplish when the o-line gets zero push and the opposing defense stacks the box every time. The way to attack that defense was to do quick passes on outs and drag routes and let the talented wrs make Batch look good.

    Dr. George has mentioned this point many times this year and clearly after yesterday’s fiasco, his point was hammered home. The Steelers simply can not keep carrying to old backup qbs on their roster. The backup qb position has to be addressed and should of probably a couple of years ago. We all know Ben will try to play through any injury, but the fact of the matter is he has issues staying healthy and playing a full season for one reason or another. A capable backup would help this team greatly and honestly it wouldnt cost more than a late mid-round draft pick.

    The defense looked pretty solid yet again… however i feel like I sound like a broken record when I say that this defense still cant get the big turnovers. Yes, Timmons had a big pick six, but that was the only turnover for our defense that as a whole played pretty solid, considering the had to play with a short field almost every drive.

    As bad as a game that was, all hope is not lost. My money is on Ben playing this week against Baltimore, same with Brown. Having those two players injected into our offense with make this very stagnant offense explosive yet again. Also the defense seems to finally be getting some consistent pressure on the opposing qb which will hopefully start leading to some more turnovers. This Steelers team is very capable of making a run into the playoffs if they can get healthy.

    As far as the rose-colored glasses… I’m much more of a realist when it comes to the Steelers. I try to be objective when critiquing the team and not try to be a full homer. I expect a lot out of the team because its the expectations that they have accomplished throughout the years. Living up to those high expectations is another story though. Everyone has their own opinions and they are entitled to it. If Ed and Jalen want to believe that the sky is falling after a bad loss, then its their right to. I just think that most educated fans know the difference from a bad team to a bad game.

    • Although I do agree with Jalen that Tomlin must shoulder the blame as well. These past two seasons I have been rather critical of the coaching and this is just another instance that puts fuel into that fire. I have posted all season long about the lack of discipline that this team shows. That goes directly on Tomlin and the rest of the staff. The fact of the matter is that Tomlin is a good coach but not a great one. He will ultimately go as far as Ben can take him.

  4. There is a reason Tomlin is one of the most well respected coaches in the game. One can preach discipline all day, however it is still ultimately up to the players to execute, not the coaches. If you say Tomlin isn’t a good head coach, then you are clearly wrong. A strong head coach enables a bad team to be good, and a good team to play great. Look at the mess in New Orleans. Last year they were the class of the NFC, this year without Peyton, they are merely adequate. Look at Jim Harbough and the 49ers. Prior to Harbough, the 49ers were dead in the water, with him, they are championship caliber. The fact of the matter is that Tomlin continues to have this team in the playoffs, which is a lot harder to do than we expect. It is easy to place blame on him, but he still has an entire staff under him, as well as underperforming athletes. To say Tomlin only goes as far as Ben takes him is merely a common sense statement. You take away an elite quarterback, then obviously your team will struggle. I do agree with the doctor and George, with Bens style of play, the steelers should have a more viable contingency plan in place, opposed to the old men we put on the field. Ed and Jalen are just typical yinzers. Bad games happen to every team, we are still in the playoffs as of right now. Take your hard earned money and in a fall out shelter, because if you believe this team is done, then you obviously believe that the world is going to end too. Also leave Troys faith out from this forum.

  5. No tony the world ending and this team being done are two mutually exclusive things! And no one is disputing (at least not me) the quality of coach in Peyton and Harbaugh! Anyone who thinks it’s ALL on the players doesn’t understand the dynamics of football and how coaches are supposed (it’s part of their job) to get players to play for them. Last time I checked, 8 turnovers is not being well prepared or well disciplined! And it’s not just this game, it’s been since KC, Balt, Tenn and Oakland! I hold my team to a higher standard just like Tomlin says—“standard”, I.e., next man up! Right now Tomlin’s standard sux! Would you be this forgiving if it were Philly or any other team with less Super Bowl success? Why should we let Super Bowl success or lack thereof dictate our acceptance of a garbage product? And if you’re not letting past championships cloud your judgement, then what the @&#% is the reason that you honestly stick up for these types of performances and then play the, ” Oh, anyone who feels otherwise must feel the sky is falling?” That’s pretentious and presumptuous. I barely make enough money to scrape by so you better Godamn believe I am going to demand EXTREMELY HIGH PERFORMANCES AND RESULTS on a regular basis! U getting paid to play a kid’s game so either win games or don’t expect my Goddamn support, period! And I ain’t no yinzer, ain’t even from the burgh!

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