Foote Says Steelers Are “Pissed Off” Team Didn’t Make Playoffs

NFL: Preseason-Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills

Can anger push the Steelers back into the postseason in 2013? That’s a great question, and one that will have to be explored by a team that is coming off a year in which 8-8 was a setback.

Linebacker Larry Foote is one player that isn’t taking not making the NFL’s second season lightly, and says it will help the Steelers re-find and re-focus for this next year.

“We’re pissed off we didn’t make the playoffs,” Foote told “On top of that, our rival won the Super Bowl. I know guys are taking it personally. It’s just a whole different mindset to the offseason. I know guys are ready to get back where we need to be.”

While the mindset may be different, the talent this team has is in question, and if they don’t find some answers in camp and the preseason, making the postseason may be tough again indeed.

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  1. To quote Larry Foote , the Steelers should be pissed and its good that they are . With that being said , being pissed will only get you so far . Bottom line , for this team to compete they must stay healthy . The past couple years , they havent . Last year they were a walking M.A.S.H unit . Make no mistake , they’re is alot of talent on this team , but the core players like Roethlisberger , Pouncey and Polamalu have to be on the field come Sunday afternoon .In addition , you cant have players like Lamar Woodley missing multiple games like he has the past couple years . At the end of the day , if they can stay healthy and keep the injuries to a minimum , they have a chance to be good . How good ? Id say 10-6 .

    • I agree staying healthy is a priority for all teams. Importantly for Pittsburgh now that a few key players are gone. The new guys on the roster will determine a lot of things. The offensive and defensive lines have to gel quick, not to mention the running back situation. I think it would be fair to say all the guys will know Haleys play book a little better and for Lebeau he will make the defence fight and scratch all the way. It would be nice for Mike Tomlin to get better as well because he is still learning and trying new things. So improvement all round is needed if they want to get into the post season.

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