Can Stevens-Howling Be The Change Of Pace Back The Steelers Need?


By Hunter Hoodies

The Steelers loss to the New York Giants 18-13 in their first preseason game of the season was not pretty at all.

They allowed a blocked punt and a safety to happen against them. There was also some good as the new Steelers Running Back LaRod Stephens-Howling showed the Steelers what he was capable of.

Stevens-Howling led the Steelers on a 13-play drive in the first half which resulted in a field goal for the Steelers. Mike Pouncey, the Steelers center, said that he had great vision and that he got outside and made some plays.

He’s only 5”7 which is actually one of the shortest running backs in the league. He rushed seven times for a total of 40 yards throughout the whole game impressing the Steelers coaches and starting players.

Now that the Steelers have seen what LaRod can do, they could maybe give him some first team reps in training camp.

Le’Veon Bell is still probably going to be the starting running back for the Steelers in the regular season, but Stevens-Howling could be the backup and change of pace back Steelers were looking for after the release of Chris Rainey.

If he keeps this up, there is no doubt in my mind that I believe he will probably start some games for the Steelers this year.

I still seem him being the 2nd or 3rd string running back for the Steelers when the regular season arrives.

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