James Harrison

It’s been five months, but there’s still a lingering feeling among a number of Steelers fans that the team is going to miss badly the services of angry linebacker James Harrison.

Harrison has been getting more play than usual this summer, being one of the highlights so far of the first two episodes of ‘Hard Knocks,’ the series on HBO.

It was the first episode that Harrison was featured when he flipped off the camera, and even shut doors a number of times on the camera and those operating those cameras.

“I don’t feel they deserve to be here. They did nothing to be here, other than want to be here,” he said. “They didn’t put no blood, sweat and tears into none of this. All these men in here, they did that. They (the cameras) did nothing. No one deserves to see this, to come inside of this unless you’re a part of this. That’s why.”

Typical Harrison.

He never was exactly a warm and fuzzy guy, even during his time with the Steelers, winning the defensive MVP award and also taking home the longest pick return in NFL history.

So here’s the question poised to Steelers fans – how do you feel about Harrison now?

Watching ‘Hard Knocks,’ I found myself getting totally annoyed with Harrison’s childish antics. I know that his personality is such that as a person that is who he is, but let’s be real, he’s not the James Harrison of 2007 or 2008.

In his last season with the Steelers, Harrison had 70 tackles and six sacks in 13 games. He was plagued again with injuries which forced him to sit three games.

The year before, he played in 11 of the 16 Steelers regular season games.

He clearly didn’t know what he was doing when he shunned the Steelers back in March, not accepting to take less money to stay with the Black and Gold.

He instead will go to a rival and get paid $2 million less in 2013 than he would have if he would have stayed in Pittsburgh.

Harrison’s now 35, and his injuries and personality is such that it’s just a matter of time before one of two things, if not both, happens.

A: He gets hurt or B: His antics get him suspended again like they did in 2011.

So Steeler Nation – how do you feel about Harrison now that he’s gone? Are you going to give him polite cheers when he returns to the Steel City wearing stripes in December?

Or are you like me right now, feeling one thing towards Harrison – hate.

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