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4 Comments on "Tuesday Poll Questions On The 0-4 Steelers Into The Bye Week"

  1. The Steelers are a team with limited talent and very little depth on both sides of the ball . Those are the facts . When you combine that with the fact , that we have high draft choices on offense and defense that have’nt even come close to living up to their expectations , thats why your’re setting here at 0 – 4 . Left tackle , Mike Adams , right tackle Marcus Gilbert , defensive tackle Ziggy Hood and defensive tackle Cameron Heyward , all high draft picks including two number 1’S and wheres the production ? Those are not easy problems to fix and bottom line , they wont be fixed anytime soon .

  2. Tomlin has his hand in all aspects of the game, and should be held responsible for the mess the team is in. This is the team that Tomlin built! Fire the clown!

    • Why are so many people against Tomlin and Big Ben? The facts about the Steelers starting horribly is that our offense no one believes in it but Todd Haley. The OL is dealing with pressure from every angle because theams just tell their DL to pin their ears back and go after Ben because they will not test us deep which in turn free up the LB’s to do the same. If they use Wheaton to stretch the defense it would make teams a little more conservative. This would the running game to open up. Being and 0-4 team, when you look at every game…the outcome could be a 4-0 team. I blame Tomlin for allowing this conservative offense under Tood Haley to stick around. As for Big Ben. What more can he do? He’s playing well aside from the turnovers which are due to the lack of protection. The lack of protection is due to not challenging teams to play conservative on defense. That problem is due to an overly conservative offense. We have the right pieces to be a playoff team, we just need to kill the initial problem…the conservative offense. Todd Haley has to go now to allow a OC to come in over the bye week and tweak the offense to become an attacking offense. If Tomlin doesn’t make this change he’ll then hit my dog house. He really needs to utilize the power the Rooney’s have given him and make the change!

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