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The Good, The Clean, The Steelers


First of all I want to start by saying this is one mans opinion. OK that’s out of the way. I believe cutting Najeh Davenport has been planned since the first week of October. That’s when he got in a little trouble with Cleveland police. The sad thing is I had to research whether he was guilty or not. I had no Idea, he wasn’t. But that’s part of being a pro athlete. And part of playing for the Steelers. They do not want that kind of publicity, guilty or not. You are never going to see T.O., Pacman Jones, or any other players’ name that’s has been through the mud. Wait, Wait, Wait, just for fun, let me add Michael Vicks name to the list.

First you sign Mewelde Moore. It’s obvious you’re digging for a replacement. I know he can be used for returns. But again, one mans opinion. Then a month later there’s Mendenhall starring you in the face. He is a heck of a steal, so ok you have to take him. Then 2 months later we’re looking at Kevin Jones. What? I mean I think he’s really good, but maybe it’s more taking him from other teams than needing him, but come on.

So here’s the bottom line: the Steelers do not like bad publicity, Najeh was cut the first week in October, and the Steelers are getting some great RB’s out of the deal.

To play for the Steelers is a little different than playing for other teams. You’ve got to keep your nose a little cleaner. Just ask Cedric Wilson. And hey Davenport don’t poop in the laundry. Had to throw that in there once. Poop, that’s even fun to type.



  1. Donna

    August 1, 2009 at 8:42 am

    I pray that the dog killer is not aloud to be a steeler.. We here in Pittsburgh love our dogs… Let him go work for dog shelters for the rest of his life..Donna
    “Mr. Vick”

  2. m martin

    August 13, 2009 at 9:10 pm

    Even though I do not advocate dog killing, Michael did his time and you need to forgive and move on. I am appalled at the comments made by some of you, which just shows how twisted and demented you are. I bet you must have a bunch of mess in your closet.

    Michael, should know that the haters will be scrutinizing his every move; hence, going forward he should do the right thing. Lots of luck to him and his family.

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