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Bradshaw Used the Needle


Hall of famer Terry Bradshaw admits the use of steroids this week. Uh, how do I say this… who cares!? They didn’t even hand out penalties until ‘89. Don’t get me wrong they destroy your body inside and out. I remember Lyle Alzado shrinking in front of our eyes from brain cancer that was brought on from steroids. So I understand steroids are lethal.

A couple of years ago, I watched a program on the Dallas Cowboys. They were whining about how they should be the team of the decade and have more hall of famers. And the reason they don’t is because the Steelers beat them in a couple Super bowls. The reason they beat them is because of steroids. They Steelers probably did have some players who did steroids, but you can’t tell me the Cowboys didn’t have players who did them. Including all other teams for that matter. They didn’t get in trouble for it. I bet a lot of players did it. The commissioner, Rozelle even sent letters out so that they might have time to get steroids out of there system. I think that say says it all about steroid abuse in the ‘70’s. Hey, as usual, one mans opinion.

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