Roethlisberger a Go For Niners Game Tonight

The Steelers Man of Steel is at it again, as it sounds more and more like quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will go against the Niners tonight against the 49ers.

Gerry Dulac of the Post-Gazette is reporting that the decision to start Big Ben was made after he showed enough in practice Saturday to get out there and play with his high ankle sprain.

The decision had nothing to do with the Ravens choke job in San Diego which now determines that if the Steelers can win their last three games, they will clinch home-field in the postseason in the AFC.

Roehtlisberger has a Grade 1 ankle sprain and didn’t practice all week until Saturday, and even then on a limited basis, but he will be in the lineup with Charlie Batch on standby as the backup if Roehtlisberger at somepoint goes down during the contest.

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  1. I hope Arians saw the Patriot and Chargers games yesterday. Both were an object lesson in the value of running the football, especially in this pass-happy era. To stop the spread passing attack, most NFL defenses are built light and fast. They are vulnerable to the run. These two games demonstrated it.

    First, Denver ran over, around, and through New England in the first half, until three turnovers gave the Patriots bonus points and the game. In fact the Denver running game makes Tim Tebow look almost like a real QB. Then, in the last quarter, when the Patriots needed to kill time and score in the red zone, they also ran the ball — repeatedly and effectively. Last night, the Chargers put away the Ravens for us by running the ball enough to open routes for River’s passing game. (No one knew the Chargers even had a running game. But they sure did last night.)

    All season I’ve lamented Arians’ disdain for the rushing game. You need only look to those two games yesterday to see how the running game sets up the passing game and takes the heat off the QB. That’s the game plan that worked so well for us against the Titans and Arizona earlier this year, when Ben was injured the first time. And that’s precisely what we need tonight against the 49ers. Even with injuries, the Steelers are the more talented offensive team. Tonight, it’s up to Arians to use that talent to advantage.

  2. Don’t hold your breath on us running the ball Doc. The Steelers will pass the ball early and often. I don’t agree with it but that is what they are going to do.

  3. This game might be the difference in having 2 weeks off and the #1 seed, to having all playoff games going through New England! We all know how that usually turns out. If the Steelers can keep Ben upright, and utilize Mendy/Redman enough they should win. Miller and Saunders will also play critical roles in moving the chains but if the 49ers have a weakness its pass defense, so I expect Wallace/Brown to make plays as well. If the defense keeps Niners under 17, it should be enough.

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