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Steelers Have Come To Play In 2015

Pittsburgh Steelers QB Kordell Stewart

The Pittsburgh Steelers aren’t waiting for the season to start, they’re getting ready now. The Steelers are doubling down the the idea that the best offense is a good defense, especially when you already have a really good offense. If all goes as planned the Steeler just may have the best defensive game in the NFL. Here’s a good look at the Steelers of 2015.

What’s New?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a great offense. One of the best offense in the league, boosting huge numbers in the 2014 season. If you weren’t keeping up with the numbers, Bleacher Report was, “the Steelers offense ranked seventh in points, second in total yards, second in passing yards, 16th in rushing yards, sixth in passing touchdowns, 21st in rushing scores and fifth in interceptions thrown.”

They possessed the overall second-best offense in the league, just barely trailing the New Orleans Saints. As far as offense goes the Steelers are set. If they can maintain their numbers from last season the offense should look pretty much the same.

Where the Steelers are looking to strengthen is their defense. The Steelers replaced their veteran defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau with new defensive leader and former linebackers coach Keith Butler. The Steelers have brought Butler in to patch the holes in the secondary as well as strengthen the run defense.

The Steelers have had a hard time with their run defense and Butler will be looking for stellar performances from young gun linebackers Jarvis Jones, and Ryan Shazier.

If both playerscan stay healthy and the new defensive changes prove themselves they will be a top contender in the up-coming season. Butler has promised that the team will have some new wrinkles in the defense; but expect much of the same out of the unit which means they need to put pressure on the QB and make sure they don’t give up the big play in the secondary.

The Steelers just may be the Patriots biggest competitors next year. As Super Bowl favorites, the 2015 season should make your NFL programming package worth its weight in gold. For more specifics on finding DIRECTV deals that include Steelers games, contact Sunday Ticket customer service.

Who’s Out

Troy Polamalu is a 8 time Pro-Bowler. The Steelers will certainly be sad to see him retire. The upside, Polamalu’s possible retirement could add his $8.25 million dollar contract back into the Steelers war chest. That’s a lot more money for prospecting future free agents and giving young players long term deals down the road.

Brett Keisel never really recovered from his shoulder surgery and will most likely retire. He also has about 1.5 million left on his contract, but that has not stopped the Steelers from drafting Stephon Tuitt as his replacement.

Other Concerns

As far as the Steelers offense is concerned they’re set. They will need to find a young replacement for Heath Miller. They also need to find a strong cornerback who can handle the league’s best receivers. If they can not hold onto Worilds they will have to find a pass rusher, and finding one as good as Worilds won’t be easy. Safeties Mike Mitchell and Shamarko Thomas will have to step up following the retirement of Polamalu, neither one of them had great season last year. If Polamalu leaves they will have to play better for the Steelers to do well.

Bed Roethlisberger feels good about next season, but understands where the Steelers offense could focus. In the Pittsburg Post-Gezette Roethlisberger remarks, “There are still a lot of areas we can improve in. We want to improve on third downs, improve in the red zone and we want to score more points. Obviously, guys had some amazing individual seasons last year and we had a really good season on offense in general, but there are always areas we can improve in and get better.”



  1. GC

    June 15, 2015 at 11:40 am

    THIS is “a good look at the Steelers of 2015”? No, it isn’t. This is the OPPOSITE of that, actually. “The Steelers and Worilds seem like they’re having a hard time coming to terms”???? He RETIRED March 11, nitwit. “Safeties Mike Mitchell and Shamarko Thomas will have to step it up IF Polamalu retires” ? IF?? IF??? He RETIRED IN APRIL!! “Bed” Roethlisberger? “Pittsberg” Post-Gezette? Seriously? It must be hard being such a terrific writer with no way to prove it. Steelers Gab, really?

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