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Steelers Control Their Own Destiny Following Win over the Broncos

Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger

Desperate for a win that would see them get back control of their playoff Destiny, the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday pulled up their sleeves. In the 2nd half match against the Denver Broncos to finish them off 34-27.

In the first half, the Broncos were in control of the game going for the break with a 17-point lead.

In the first half, Broncos’ QB Brock Osweiler superbly threw three touchdowns and using his power to rally in another touchdown against an overmatched Steelers defense. Osweiler’s play in the first half saw the Broncos lead 27-13 by halftime.

The Steelers came back in the second half with vigor, one wouldn’t be questioned if they thought the Steelers came back after a backlash in the locker room at the half. The Broncos came back knowing that they have bagged the match, perhaps underestimating the Steelers.

The Broncos punted six times, threw a key interception and undid the mileage they had gained in the first half.

The Overturn

Those who chanced their free bets for the Pittsburgh Steelers regained their happiness in the 2nd half. The Steelers passing game started gaining ground while the overconfident Broncos’ game begun to stumble.

The Steelers defense was heightened in the second half making it rather difficult for the Broncos to gain any yard in four downs.

Those who took the advantage of bookmaker free bets were particularly happy with the results at the end of the game since now the Steelers are ahead of the Jets in the race to the 6th spot in the AFC Wild Card position.

Overall Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger outdid himself by accomplishing three touchdowns and dashing 40-of-55 for the 380 yards.

Fans who used their free bets to back Antonio Brown as a talented player in the match were more than pleased with his performance. Antonio Brown’s quick hands caught 16 passes for 189 yards and managed to get two touchdowns.

Sunday’s game was Brown’s third best game this season if you count receiving yards. In a nutshell, Brown has earned his pay this season especially after he ended Sunday’s play having made 116 catches for a total of 1,586 yards and nine touchdowns this season.

With such stats, fans are using their bookmaker free bets backing up Antonio Brown for the best receiver position in the NFL.

The Playoffs

The Pittsburgh Steelers will head off to the playoffs with wins in their final two games. They may end up winning the AFC North, which makes Sunday’s Baltimore trip a big deal for the Steelers.

Former Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders upset his former team in the first half. Knowing how the team plays, Sanders used a game plan that saw him work out open formations to maneuver without so much hassle.

Despite his play, the Steelers were able to come out on top at the end, and Sanders has nothing more but to feel a little bit of jealousy. We predict that he also inwardly applauded the Steelers efforts to make it to the playoffs!


Although the Pittsburgh defense was shredded in the first half, the Steelers came back stronger in the second half and took the lead. Steelers’ linebacker Ryan Shazier made a calculated move intercepting Osweiler.

The Steelers used their defense to stop the Broncos two times in their backyard in the final minutes cementing their victory. Now it’s off to the playoffs, and fans are keeping their fingers crossed!


John Hawthorne is a keen follower of the NFL. John uses his Sports Journalism career to come up with the best sports betting strategies by combining several elements in the NFL, read some of his insights on

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