Smith is Back on the Field – Can He Stay There?

There’s no question that when healthy, Aaron Smith is one of the best defensive players on the Steelers roster. The problem is, Smith can’t seem to stay on the field.

Such was the case again in 2010, when Smith was hurt during the teams October win in Miami. It was a torn triceps; the season before it was a torn rotator cuff; in 2007, it was a torn biceps.

This could be his last chance in 2011, and from early reports, Smith has shown up to camp looking better than ever. He’s down a couple of pounds, and wants to at age 35 make this season the best of his career.

“I feel good, but you never know until you actually get out there and do it,” said Smith,

He was a tease in 2010, as the Steelers kept him on the active roster with the hopes of him returning for the playoffs or Super Bowl. There were many reports that said he’d be back, but at the end of the day, Smith couldn’t do it, and it was a blow for both he and the team as they could have used him as the club went for their 7th title.

“I think we had a realistic shot, but the risks involved weren’t worth it,” Smith said.

Can Smith be the player he’s been in the past? That’s the biggest question about him entering the season. If not, he may not see his 14th season in a black and gold uniform.

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