Tomlin Has Meeting with Former Colts Coach Jim Caldwell

The rumor about the Steelers having interest in former Colts coach Jim Caldwell as their now OC seems real. The former Colts coach met today with Mike Tomlin.

It’s interesting to note that the Colts today hired former Steelers Bruce Arians, who will step in with former Ravens defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano, who was hired to be the new Colts coach Wednesday.

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  • Ben Dover

    Since Ben Roethlisberger is so upset about the departure of Bruce Arians, I make a motion that the Steelers trade him and their first round pick in the 2012 NFL Entry Draft to Indianapolis for Peyton Manning and the Colts 2012 first round pick.

    Who is with me? Can I get a second? All in favor say aye.

  • Peter

    I hope your tongue is firmly in cheek when you say that Ben.

  • Pat cooper

    Ben, you are an idiot. All who agree say aye

    • Ben Dover

      Aye! Ben Roethlisberger is an idiot, what with holding on to the ball too long, taking too many sacks and throwing too many stupid interceptions.

      Not to mention calling out the owner for making a personel decission, what an idiot! I’m just glad you see it my way too.

  • DrGeorge

    C’mon, Ben. You can’t be serious. You and I both know Peyton will never play another season in the NFL. So how about the Colts #1 and our pick of any three of Indy’s offensive and defensive linemen? Fair is fair.

    While you’re at it, see if they’ll throw in the Colts cheerleaders for Dennis Dixon.

  • trade large ben for key players from a 2 & 14 team and a qb that may never play another snap? really?

  • So much for Arians “retirement”. I just didn’t think he would be hired that quickly. I knew that the whole thing was a smoke screen. When Tomlin was evasive in his answer about his returning staff after the Denver game, I knew the decision was already made. If Tomlin was certain of Arians return, he would have declared it with greater conviction. The front office had their mind made up and Tomlin had to be more diplomatic about the situation.

  • DrGeorge

    Arians wanted to have his contract renewed in Pgh., but like any employee working on an expiring contract, he and his agent probably hedged their bets by fielding conditional offers. That explains the quick hire by Indy, Arians’ former employer. Arians is a good fit in Indy, because the Colts have already indicated an interest in taking Luck with the first pick. As I recall, Arians was P. Manning’s QB coach, and he is a good choice to groom Luck for the NFL. He should be able to improve on Indy’s 2-14 record in the next two years, but it will take several years, more talent, and lots of work to rebuild that offense back to playoff quality. Time will tell if Arians is up to it.

  • Peter

    If the steelers hire jim caldwell, i will gladly sell my season tickets to anyone who wants them. He would mark the end for the steelers long term prospects.

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