The Steelers need Ben Roethlisberger if they are going to make any type of real run at the postseason, and the last two losses have started the rumors that he just may try to go Sunday at Baltimore.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that the quarterback will begin soft-tossing the football early in the week to test his range of motion and work through the pain of his rare rib and shoulder injury, according to team sources.

Roethlisberger slept much better this week, a source said, even with newborn son “Little Ben” in the house. He has been able to hold his baby with his right arm, and doctors have determined his rib has healed enough that he doesn’t risk further damage.

The QB’s pain tolerance and range of motion could determine whether he plays next Sunday against Baltimore.

“I’m going to try,” Roethlisberger told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette when asked if he believed he could return for the game against the Ravens. “It’s killing me to watch.”

Your not the only one Ben.

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