Greene And Bettis Miss Out On The Hall Of Fame

A sad day for Steeler Nation, as a year after Dermontti Dawson was selected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, two former Steelers today were denied the honor.

The first was Kevin Greene, who played with the Steelers from 1993 through 1995. He was on the Super Bowl team that lost to Dallas in Super Bowl XXX 27-17.

Greene was best known for his punishing hits on QB’s, and he and Greg Lloyd made life tough on opposing QB’s and RB’s in his three seasons with the team.

The former Steeler didn’t make the top 15.

Who did though and didn’t advance was Jerome Bettis, otherwise known as “The Bus” Bettis missed out on the Hall for the 3rd straight season.

Bettis has an impressive resume, he is the sixth-leading rusher in NFL history with 13,662 yards. As a bruiser at running back, he put up 3.9 yards per carry.

Ravens tackle Jonathan Ogden, Dallas Cowboys guard Larry Allen, Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle tackle Warren Sapp, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Cris Carter, longtime coach Bill Parcells and two older-era candidates, defensive tackle Curly Culp and linebacker Dave Robinson all were picked to the Hall earlier today.

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  1. As usual the Hall of Fame voters have a problem seeing the forest for all the trees . Not putting in Jerome Bettis for the second year in a row , is simply dumb . Over 13,000 yards rushing for his career and a player that opposing defenses wanted no part of , because it was like trying to tackle a Mack truck . In addition , hes the sixth leading rusher in the history of the game . The voters need to wake up and smell the coffee , because you blew this one .

    • Agreed. One of the best rbs ever especially for being a big bruiser back. You need to look at his peers during his era and see how he measures up. He was such s unique back on and off the field that its a shame he’s not in canton yet

      • Couldnt agree more. It’s no secret that voters and other so-called “NFLers” for lack of a better term, do not like to commemorate or honor contemporary or non contemporary Steelers! When we went against Seattle, it was all about Holmgren taking this nowhere franchise and less about our run! When we played against Arizona it was more about Warner and less about us. When we played against Green Bay, it was all about Rodgers. Screw the NFL and all its political and hypocritical constituents!

  2. Warren Sapp??? OK, did he really change the game. If so, whats the missing criteria that prevents L.C Greenwood from getting in?? Bettis?? he has ALL the criteria including the Super Bowl ring. The NFL and its acolytes SUCK!

  3. In regards to Marks comment , I completely agree . If youre going to put Warren Sapp in , how in the world is L.C. Greenwood still waiting on induction ? Greenwood was every bit as dominant as Joe Greene was , but Greene got the press . It sad , because at the end of the day , Greenwood will probably never see the inside of the Hall of Fame because of the politics of the NFL .

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