Foster And Steelers Agree To A Three-Year Deal

In a move that comes off very surprising, the Steelers have reached agreement on a three-year deal with guard Ramon Foster.

Foster was scheduled to hit the free agent market Tuesday.

He’s been the team’s most dependable offensive lineman since becoming a starter in 2010 and again in 2011 — never missing a start in that time.

The decision to re-sign Foster casts doubt on the future of guard Willie Colon, who has been beset with injuries the past three seasons.

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  1. Black&gold4life | March 11, 2013 at 9:59 pm | Reply


  2. Not a bad signing I suppose. It depends on how much the deal is worth. He does bring some badly needed depth to the o-line especially when Colon goes down again

  3. Good move on the Steelers part . Now the next step is show Colon the door .

    • Looks like your wish came true. Colon is expected to be cut. Burress coming back for another year, which I like. A whole offseason with Burress will help. He can be that physical receiver to play outside the numbers and a red zone threat and some seam routes. Foote is back for three more years. I’m not too sure how happy I am. He should be adequate since we have no one else due to the uncertainty of Spence. At worst he can be a serviceable backup and he’s a great team leader and knows the defense. I also hear we’re looking at Dan Conner too. Lots of moves taken place and more still to come. I’m happy with tendering Dwyer, McLendon, and Redman, although I still would like to target a new rb via draft or an interesting FA pickup in Ringer.

  4. What are everyone’s thoughts on day one of the free agency?
    Wallace to Miami?
    Krueger to Cleveland?
    Steelers moves so far?
    Any thoughts about Fitzpatrick being cut? Bills maybe trading up for Geno Smith, probably not at one but maybe 3-5 range? Also thoughts about Fitzpatrick being a potential long term backup solution if he comes cheaply for the Steelers? Reminds me a lot of how we brought Batch in years ago.

    • Wallace will be good for about a year with Miami as the honeymoon process will include a lot of nine routes to get cannon-armed Tannehill comfortable with his new toy. But, mark my words, after year one when Miami does what Pittsburgh did and asks Wallace to be more of a complete receiver, that is when Miami will get what Pittsburgh got— a whole lot of SOFT!
      Kruger is overpaid and a product of Joe Banner’s (formerly of Philadelphia- the guy who inked Asomugha and other overrated players to the “Dream Team!”) incessant need to overpay for average product— Kruger’s good but he got a whole lot better when Suggs came back!
      Steelers moves SUCK so far! I like cutting everyone they’ve cut so ar because I am all for getting younger and cheaper after a super bowl run like that but this seeming irrational fetish to seem to need to remain competitive while still going young is bullshit. It’s half in half out nonsense that drives me crazy! Either go all young and take your lumps or keep big name players ( so much that the cap will allow) and make another run. The Foote contract is another example of them trying to squeeze a dime out a nickel! Steelers cutting salary and getting younger? NOPE! Foote is 32. They didn’t cut Harrison, Hampton or anyone else big-name because of age but because they cost too much! We not getting younger, we getting cheaper and playing it off as youth movement. Tomlin ain’t what media makes him out to be! Anyone who looks at Steelers under a microscope like I and we do knows that. It’ll just take the clueless, sycophantic national media a little while to catch up is all. You wanna impress me, Pittsburgh, hire a trainer who’ll keep everyone in shape and healthy, and draft four starters to start this year in this year’s draft. Otherwise, Tomlin so far has had abject failures with his draft classes!

      • Well Tomlin has a few hits on the draft but overall I’m not too impressed as well. We look to the draft to provide big playmakers yet we haven’t received any in the past few seasons. There’s an obvious answer though; the high draft picks were the big play makers typically come from have been spent on trying to solidify the trenches. The past few seasons our top picks have been offensive and defensive line where in our 3-4 system, big playmakers aren’t really there. I expect the steelers had a plan in the past drafts to draft the way they did bc they already had an opportunistic defense and it was obvious that oline needed work. I think all of us were pretty happy with the way the steelers drafted oline, however the defense has gotten old. I’m almost certain they will target defensive playmakers in the early rounds this year. The way the offseason has gone so far I’m changing my mock draft a bit and now expect that the steelers will target OLB or safety in the first and second rounds. I would love one of the stud linebackers in the first and maybe a Reid, Cyprien, Thomas, or Elam in the second. I’m not a big fan of any of the wr in the first and I like having Burress for the year in hopefully a bigger role. Luckily this is a deep draft class for a biggest needs.

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