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Steelers fans, our chat will begin at 8:00 sharp eastern time! Be here and chat Steelers football for an hour long. Talking, learning, and getting all the latest Steelers news you need to prepare for the NFL Draft and what the Steelers’ plan is this offseason. Matt Leode and I will be guiding you though the chat so that everything gets covered as planned. If you have any problems with the chat, please let us know through twitter (@SteelersGab) and/or on Facebook! Thank you and have a good time STEELER NATION!

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  1. didn’t want to chat just read ?and ans. how come i can’t view?

  2. why can’t i just view the chat?

  3. Black&gold4life | April 14, 2013 at 1:36 pm | Reply

    Capacity full..

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