Clayton Claims Steelers Will Sign WR Steve Breaston In June

Steve Breaston

The Steelers went out and drafted a wide receiver in last weekends draft, but there’s still chatter that the team may bring in a vet to help the core.

Reports from John Clayton of ESPN say that the Steelers will use the cap space from Willie Colon and put it towards former Cards and Chiefs wide out Steve Breaston.

Colon’s money will come off the books for the Steelers on June 2nd, and that’s when you will hear the rumors about the Steelers coming to terms with Breaston.

The Steelers had Breaston in for a visit after he was released by the Chiefs, but he left without a deal of any sort in place.

Breaston had just 7 grabs for 74 yards last season, but two years ago had 61 catches for 785 yards and two scores.

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6 Comments on "Clayton Claims Steelers Will Sign WR Steve Breaston In June"

  1. I don’t see the reasoning for signing Breaston. Unless he’s coming at a huge reduced rate i think it’ll be a waste of money. Breaston is at best a 3 receiver. I think we should stick with our receiving core now and save that money just in case we lose a player in trying camp or preseason. If we lose a receiver to injury then I’d invest in a receiver.

    • I was thinking the same thing. It doesnt make too much sense to bring him in unless its at a highly reduced rate. Im sure he can be productive, but this is starting to show how much fate the Steelers have in Burress and Cotchery. I guess we will have to wait and see what the terms are. He might be a Cotchery type of player for us which isn’t a bad thing

      • Stupid, stupid, stupid!!! Sign an ILB or something actually needed?!?! Why draft Wheaton if u gon a go and bring in a slot receiver?!? I don’t understand d how this team competes every year because every year myself and,like a million other fans scratch their temples at the Steelers offseason decisions and yet every year they compete for championships….don’t get it but just goes to show the complexities of this game and the falsely perceived subtle but in reality tremendous disconnect between couch fans like myself and the people who run the show!

        • Yeah like I said I dont quite understand the potential signing. I really hope Wheaton gets to see the field. I like the ILB we drafted out of Florida State. Apparently he showed up to the Senior Bowl as a lat invite and really took over the leadership role on the defense and impressed scouts.

  2. Um…maybe because burress, cotch and sanders are all gone next year….burress or cotch will be gone this year because of breaston. Nothing wrong with solidifying the position for the future. He knows the offensive system, played great with a good qb, then he got matt cassel for 3 years. It would be a good signing. We would have a solid 3 with brown, wheaton and breaston next year and not have to worry about the wr position plus give wheaton some time.

  3. Breaston is an unnecessary purchase.

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