Video: Ryan Clark – Steelers Will Make The Playoffs In 2013

Ryan Clark

Ryan Clark joins the debate desk with ESPN First Take’s Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless to discuss the Pittsburgh Steelers chances of making the playoffs.

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  • Mario

    I am glad to see someone on the team has a positive attitude. The team seems to lack leadership from veteran players that are gone. The dysfunctional head coach is the major problem! I watched the Jets beat Atlanta last night, and was amazed how well Willie Colon was playing. He was solid at RT and no one was getting by him! Just shows what a good coaching staff can do to get the most out of their players. Tomlin needs to go!

    • Mario

      Meant,at Right Guard.

      • George H

        Agreed that good coaching changes a lot of negatives into positives. However, I do question Clark’s leadership. He seems like a guy that just wants to make the highlight hit and go on ESPN to bitch about Goodell and further his own brand

        • Mario

          I’m not saying Clark is a team leader. I do not know of anyone besides Kiesel that stands out. Before Tomlin came here each phase had a leader, but since Tomlin got rid of Joey Porter, we have lost all of the valuable leaders one by one, without replacing them. The Tomlin experiment is a failure, so he has to GO!

  • George H

    Honestly I think Clark is more concerned with furthering his own brand than be in a position of leadership. Every chance he gets Clark sprints to ESPN to put his two cents in… usually its him bitching about the rules. Clark was one of my favorite players for a long time, but his production needs to improve and keep the issues in house, not broadcasted all of ESPN. If he thinks we can make the playoffs then thats great, just show it on the field, not on camera.

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