First Half Insights From The Steelers 24-10 Deficit To The Patriots

The first half was ugly in New England, as the Steelers were not very good on either side of the ball, and will enter the second half down 24-10.

Here’s three insights on the first half from Foxboro.

1. Gronk Running Wild – The Steelers, and more importantly, Shamarko Thomas is having an awful day trying to cover what seems to be a now nearly totally healthy Pats TE Rob Gronkowski. He’s caught 7 passes for 119 yards with a touchdown, and has a 34-yard catch as well. He’s been the go-to guy for Tom Brady so far, and in the second half, they have to do something to or they are going to get totally run over in the second half.

2. Wasted Chances – The Steelers offense had four shots inside Pats territory, and scored one field goal, a touchdown, and blew two more shots. This has been a major issue all season long, but at the same time if they score touchdowns in at least one more of those two shots, it’s 24-17 instead of 24-10. If this keeps up, they are going to have trouble winning five games this year.

3. Gotta Get to Brady – They have one sack on Tom Brady, but at the same time he’s been deadly against the Steelers today, and his passing has given the Steelers a lot of trouble. It was stated all week if they wanted a shot they had to pretty much pressure Brady all day long, and thus far it’s been very hot and cold getting to him, but not close to enough to garner a win.

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  1. I’m appalled for a myriad of reasons. First we don’t have six, if it happened in the past then it didn’t happen at all and that’s the way I approach rooting for the steelers. I don’t get into the ridiculous debates with neophytes who wanna talk about what happened yesterday and who has more superbowls. Secondly, the way this team has drafted and developed and coached since Cowher’s departure has been an abomination, the superbowls were one in spite of the system and not because of it, bb won the one in Arizona as well as Harrison. Why was a Hines ward never replaced? His loss or lack of replacement has been catastrophic! Why? He was never fast so it’s not like you have to spend a high round draft pick on someone like him! Just draft a tough, rugged guy who’s thick in like rounds three thru five! Where is the evaluation on McClendon and why is there such a big drop off from his ability to stop the run versus hamptons? The pats have had personnel setbacks and have retooled the skill positions but continue to win because belicjick, unlike Tomlin, prepares his team well! Mostly I’m appalled because we lose games while in possession of a rare nfl commodity, an elite franchise quarterback. There is no excuse that we should be losing games with bb as the QB…paying him the elite QB contract which limits other potential players for the team to acquire. I’m not saying he’s to blame, he’s our best player but if you can’t win with a franchise QB, then trade him and start over. I would trade bb for two first rounders, fire Tomlin, Colbert, Haley and start the fuck over…losing games will be easier to stomach and, ultimately, tolerate without a franchise QB. Get another one down the road but for right now, this team is complete garbage and a total embarrassment. And it’s not like any of you yo-yos can respond with something like its a bad year we’ll be back! Uh, no we won’t not with Tomlin leading this team and I would love for someone to forward this to those two crows, Michael Irvin and Deion sanders who constantly suck Tomlin’s dick and undeniably exonerate him for whatever happens, “it’s not his fault because he’s black and if you blame Tomlin you must hate black people” I think I heard Irvin say one time. Tomlin the same coach who let Jax come in 07 and beat us in playoffs, Tomlin same dude who lost to Tim Tebow, Tomlin same coach who coached team to 8-8 last year and 5-11 this year if we lucky…that’s why a high round draft pick doesn’t excite me with this regime because no matter who is brought in, this regime has proven to botch a lot of stuff over the past few years. I know Tomlin don’t go out and play the games and subsequently make the aforementioned mistakes but he is the one who ultimately prepares the team who week in and week out is completely out coached and unprepared. 58’points most given up in steelers history…Tomlin’s watch. Anyone who sits back on our six or however the fuck many there are instead of not tolerating this present state of affairs need to reevaluate your fan status. This ain’t getting better anytime soon because of who is on the field and who is not!

    • What goes up, must come down.
      What is new eventually becomes old.
      What is innovative today is obsolete tomorrow.
      The strong will weaken and the fast will slow.

      And one more immutable…

      Draft well for high quality picks today = lower quality picks tomorrow.

      • Immutable-schmutable! Thanks for the philosophy lesson and attempt at perspective but this is a bog for fans which is short for fanatic! We don’t want perspective or a life lesson here! We want carnage for some schmuck taking our team and turning them into a laughing stock! Immutable don’t make it any less evident that Tomlin, Colbert, Haley and Colbert need to go! Next year I would cut Troy, Ryan, Brett, Gilbert, sanders, Taylor, hood, spaeth, Paulson, David Johnson, Landry jones, whimper and foster! That’s thirteen players who either physically or financially or both have become dead weight. START OVER!

  2. My bad 55 points!

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