The first half was ugly in New England, as the Steelers were not very good on either side of the ball, and will enter the second half down 24-10.

Here’s three insights on the first half from Foxboro.

1. Gronk Running Wild – The Steelers, and more importantly, Shamarko Thomas is having an awful day trying to cover what seems to be a now nearly totally healthy Pats TE Rob Gronkowski. He’s caught 7 passes for 119 yards with a touchdown, and has a 34-yard catch as well. He’s been the go-to guy for Tom Brady so far, and in the second half, they have to do something to or they are going to get totally run over in the second half.

2. Wasted Chances – The Steelers offense had four shots inside Pats territory, and scored one field goal, a touchdown, and blew two more shots. This has been a major issue all season long, but at the same time if they score touchdowns in at least one more of those two shots, it’s 24-17 instead of 24-10. If this keeps up, they are going to have trouble winning five games this year.

3. Gotta Get to Brady – They have one sack on Tom Brady, but at the same time he’s been deadly against the Steelers today, and his passing has given the Steelers a lot of trouble. It was stated all week if they wanted a shot they had to pretty much pressure Brady all day long, and thus far it’s been very hot and cold getting to him, but not close to enough to garner a win.

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