Steelers Agree to Terms with Wide Out Justin Hunter

The Steelers made their first outside free agent signing on Wednesday, coming to terms with wide out Justin Hunter, who they hosted on Tuesday.

Hunter has appeared in 48 games since being drafted by the Titans in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft out of the college of Tennessee.

He had 14 starts to his credit with 78 career receptions and 12 touchdowns with 1,305 yards. He had 10 catches and four touchdowns last season as a member of the Buffalo Bills.

Last season Hunter met with the Dolphins and Bills.

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3 Comments on "Steelers Agree to Terms with Wide Out Justin Hunter"

  1. Wonder if he can rush the passer ?

  2. A bean pole who has to run around in the shower numerous times just to get wet. Great sign! Don’t break the bank, Pittsburgh! Be VERY careful not to OVERSPEND! By the way, just saw the video footage of Mixon. He’s the kind of guy this NEW Steelers team seems to like. I hope they draft him (sarcasm for this futile organization strongly implied here!)

  3. Here’s my hatred follow-up in case any of you nitwits out there want to say something uneducated like, “Futile? How can we be futile if we made it all the way to the AFC championship game?” Well, allow me to retort by summing up the rest of the very average AFC: San Diego was a walking MASH unit last year, if Carr doesn’t get hurt, we’re not even in that game, Denver had/has a good if not great D but really, Trevor Simien, a depleted O-line and no real running back?, AND, the team with the fastest WR in the league, Kansas City (i.e. Tyreek Hill) cold not even utilize him properly (as evidenced by all the WR screens, jet sweeps, etc) by NOT GETTING THE BALL TO HIM DEEP DOWN THE FIELD BECAUSE OF THEIR CANDY ASS QB, SMITH! A better QB beats us in that game and we don’t play New England, Mariotta is the real deal but that team is up and coming (i.e., not there yet as of last year), Houston fielded a great D much like Denver but Osweiler is EVEN worse than Simien, Borltes sucks-enough said, and the former Colts GM (was just fired recently) did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to surround Luck with adequate weaponry and even a modicum of what resembles a competent defense…hence the reason he was fired, Baltimore is going through a weird rebuilding phase on both sides (odd for them-Newsome-to have seemingly missed on some early picks-on offense, uncharacteristic of him)…plus Flacco is overrated, Cleveland is Cleveland and Cincy just chokes all the time…for whatever reason, the Jets, Dolphins and Bills have collectively been an abomination and joke for the better part of a decade and half thus rendering New England a veritable cakewalk every year through the AFC East. Yeah, we get Cleveland, but we also got Cincy and, although we tend to beat them, they BEAT UP ON US (i.e., injure our players and play dirty) plus there’s Baltimore…So, for the past 17 years, we have to play competitive Cincy and Baltimore respectively and the Patsies get to play shit teams in their division. THAT BEING SAID, I am sorry many of you feel it is such a big accomplishment with Ben, Brown and Bell and an elite O-line not to mention first and second round draft picks littered all over our D, to have made the AFC championship game amidst such mediocrity and parody that I have just outlined in our conference. BUT THE STEELERS WAY WILL PREVAIL! I hope it gets much much worse forcing the Rooney’s to do something because as it stands now, they will do NOTHING because on PAPER it looks REAL GOOOOOOD to be in the AFC championship game. “No reason for change here!” shouted the fan who sat upon a pile of fool’s gold!

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