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Moore Out For Rams Game; No News on Roethlisberger’s Ankle

The Steelers will be without running back Mewelde Moore Sunday against the Rams, as he an MCL sprain and will not play in the Chirstmas Eve game.

Out of the loss, Moore was the only player who sustained a significant injury.

According to Mike Tomlin, linebacker LaMarr Woodley did not have a setback with his hamstring injury. He said all other existing injuries, including Ben Roethlisberger’s ankle, will be evaluated Wednesday when the players report to work.

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  2. DrGeorge

    December 22, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    On, you can play the post-game comments of the players and Mike Tomlin. Most of it is plain vanilla sound bites for the media to the effect that the 49ers executed well and the Steelers didn’t. But during his comments, Tomlin talked briefly about preparing for the Rams and the need to “put together a game plan we can execute.” Which is, in effect, an echo of the fan comments on this site — the strategic approach to the 49ers game, especially on offense, was simply flawed. Here’s hoping I didn’t glean more from Tomlin’s comment than he intended, and that the Steelers do refine the game plan for the Rams to fit what the players, especially Ben R., can actually do. Those 50 yard deep interceptions on Sunday night were drive killers, and totally unnecessary. The 49ers more conservative game plan was what the Steelers should have been trying to do against the 49ers, and what we should try to do against the Rams.

    According to reports, we may be thin at RB on Saturday. M. Moore will be unavailable and Mendenhall may not be fully recovered by then either. In that event, we may actually get to see what Redman can do — if Arians can bring himself to run the ball and devise more imaginative blocking schemes than he employed Sunday night. We must move the ball better on the ground. Ben will become much more effective in passing the ball if our offense becomes more balanced.

  3. Peter

    December 22, 2011 at 7:51 pm

    I wonder how involved Tomlin is on the offensive side with regard to game planning. What they did Monday did not make sense. The first couple of drives were great, quick passes and short drops. After that, it all changed. Do you think that is Ben checking out of plays to deeper routes or Arians plan for that game evolving or combination of the two?

    I think an over looked factor in that game was the effort of their punter. I don’t care how good of game plan or how well a team executes, it is difficult to sustain long drives in the NFL, especially against good defenses.

    Go Stillers

    • DrGeorge

      December 23, 2011 at 2:56 pm

      Good question, Peter. Tomlin is responsible for the outcome, after all, and it’s his butt in the wringer when they lose. I suspect he’s very involved in the game plan, but he may be reluctant to substitute his judgment for Arians’ experience. We know that Ben has a lot of latitude, but I can’t imagine why either one would have attempted those long bombs. Especially after the first was intercepted. Of course, if Batch starts against the Rams, we won’t be able to draw any meaningful conclusions, since Arians won’t use him in the same way.

      You are right too about Lee, the 49ers’ punter. He was a big factor in maintaining favorable field position for the Niners the whole game. The TV commentators picked up on that during the game and the rest of the media noted it afterward. But our offense usually overcomes such things. We simply didn’t execute the offensive game plan against the Niners, and Arians bears the fault for that.

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