After an 8-8 season and watching the Ravens win a title, I sure could use some good Steelers news these days. That’s why what I read today in Ed Bouchette’s PG+ in the Post-Gazette didn’t exactly make breakfast sit well.

If you didn’t read of hear about it, here’s the writing in a nutshell:

Despite all the facts that have been presented, questions keep coming this way through Twitter and email as to what other teams’ free agents the Steelers might sign and whether they will put the franchise tag on Mike Wallace.

Kevin Colbert already declared the Steelers will not use the franchise tag this year so, unless you think he’s bluffing, that’s that. They also will barely have enough room to re-sign their own players, let alone someone else’s free agents.

The Steelers could lose every one of their free agents, and they might have to lose a few more veterans if they don’t agree to take less money in 2013. They are so far over the salary cap that they would not be able to fill a 53-man roster without doing all of that.

The bloodletting that occurred last year when they released three longtime stars could be a drop in the bucket as to what occurs over the next month, which could resemble their March Massacre.

After all the dust settles, they could sign a free agent or two, but they won’t be on anyone’s A list.

Wow. Lose ALL of the teams free agents?! I guess that thought never really crossed my mind, but if you think 8-8 was bad, I can’t wait to see what the 2013 roster could look like if they lose more talent.

I can take losing Wallace, that’s not going to be the end of the world, but losing all the guys below could put this team STRUGGLING just to be 8-8 next season.

S Will Allen
QB Charlie Batch
WR Plaxico Burress
S Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith
LB Larry Foote
RG Ramon Foster
WR David Gilreath
NT Casey Hampton
CB Justin King
QB Byron Leftwich
OG Doug Legursky
CB Keenan Lewis
LB Marshall McFadden
RB Rashard Mendenhall
FS Ryan Mundy
TE Leonard Pope
LT Max Starks
NT Alameda Ta’amu
LS Greg Warren

Hold on tight Steeler fans, this offseason could be a bumpy one to say the least!

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