The Steelers are not in the top five of the Forbes list of the ‘Top 50 World’s Most Valuable Sports Teams.’

Heading the list is Dallas, overall they are 5th on the list, worth $2.1 billion owned by Jerry Jones, who built that crazy stadium where the Steelers and Packers played Super Bowl XLV in Dallas.

Overall the Steelers are 23rd on the list, tied with the NBA’s New York Knicks. The Steelers are worth according to Forbes $1.1 billion. Here’s the short statement on the Steelers in the article.

The Steelers have sold out every game at Heinz Field and Three Rivers Stadium since 1972. The team is looking to add 3,000 seats to Heinz, but are in a dispute with the stadium’s owner, Pittsburgh-Allegheny County Sports & Exhibition Authority, over who will pay for the renovation.

Here’s a list of the NFL teams ahead of the Steelers:

5. Dallas worth $2.1 billion
6. New England worth $1.65 billion
8. Washington worth $1.6 billion
9. New York Giants worth $1.468 billion
13. Houston worth $1.305 billion
14. New York Jets worth $1.284 billion
15. Philadelphia worth $1.26 billion
16. Chicago worth $1.25 billion
17. San Francisco worth $1.175 billion
18. Green Bay worth $1.161 billion
19. Baltimore worth $1.157 billion
20. Indianapolis worth $1.154 billion
22. Denver worth $1.32 billion
23. STEELERS worth $1.1 billion

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