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3 Comments on "Sunday Poll Questions Following the Loss to the Titans"

  1. I fuess felix joness hould get the start howlings is too small drop readman and call dwyer back with a healthy bell jones and dwyer maybe there is hope

  2. Blkandgold4Life | September 8, 2013 at 9:17 pm | Reply

    *What do ppl expect from Redman..he was kept as a rookie based on those goal line drills in camp.. That being said..he’s not a featured RB. Lord only knows why Dwyer was cut. (Not cause of 2 Fumbles last year) Thats fasure) Mendenhall was the Best RB on the roster..Howlings is too small to pass protect so where was Felix Jones?? *And WTF was DeCastro thinking about? I’ve watchd the play like 20 times and can’t figure out what he was tryna do..Now Pouncey has the same injury Miller had..looks like he dove at his legs ON PURPOSE even though I know THATS not the case. *We have 3 first Rd picks on the O-Line that can’t run or pass block STILL. In my opinion..we need PROVEN vets! Maybe a Pro Bowler or 2. But we all know that wont happen because Colbert has them in cap hell every year. *My last and final rant for the day.. 3rd and 8 or 9 with some momentum and the genius Haley calls his famous WR screen play? And No hurry up/ No huddle untill the last 3 minutes of the fkn game? 90 ppl in the bar were asking the same question “Why now” Ben is at his best in that scenario..Dose Tomlin have any Veto power? or input? This is why I voted all of the above. As always the Defence held their own untill they just got tired. *Now for all those Yinzers and excuse makers sayin “Don’t worry its only Pre-season ” Now what??

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