Look who’s back! Steelers bring back WR Randle El

The Steelers have been a lot more active that most thought they would be in free agency, as Monday they added not only safety Will Allen and WR Arnaz Battle, but they told former LB Larry Foote they want him back, and now they are bringing back WR Antwaan Randle El.

The original Steeler comes back a few days after he was released from the Washington Redskins. He played with the Steelers for four seasons before he then inked with the Washington Redskins, where he just wrapped up his 4th season before he was let go.

The Steelers are going back to the past, as first they wanted to grab former linebacker Larry Foote, who has an offer, and Antwaan Randle El informed the Steelers on Monday that he has accepted their three-year offer, according to a league source.

Randle El was a widely popular player among fans, staff and teammates during his first stint with Pittsburgh. He was released by the Redskins last week.

Randle El was a second-round draft pick of the Steelers in 2002, and he excelled as a receiver and a return man. But he might be most well known for his 43-yard touchdown pass to Hines Ward in the Steelers’ Super Bowl XL victory.

Randle El left the Steelers after the Super Bowl and joined the Redskins for the 2006 season.

He right away gives the Steelers a great return guy, and can also give the team another wide out if needed. This means Limas Sweed’s 2010 roster spot could be in severe risk.

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6 Comments on "Look who’s back! Steelers bring back WR Randle El"

  1. Love that Antwaan is back. Foote back will be good too. These two should point towards the fact that maybe it’s the system and not the players.

  2. Good move. El is a world better than Battle and this lets the special team as well as the recieving corp get deeper and more dangerous

  3. Logically consistent with the earlier moves to bolster the receiving corps and return game, while freeing up draft picks for defensive help. As I see it, these FA moves mean L. Sweed, J. Galloway, T. Carter, and S. Logan are as good as gone. The new OT means T. Hill is gone too. And the guaranteed money seems reasonable.

    Of course, the elephant in the room is the status of #7 for next season. Arians entire offense depends on Ben’s health and availability, as I’ve noted many times in the past. Tomlin wants an improved running game next year, but, to date, there have been no personnel moves to make that happen. So with an anemic running game and Ben’s status in doubt, the future has suddenly become very murky, even if we somehow succeed in plugging all of our defensive needs in the draft.

    Fasten your sealbetls, guys; it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  4. Good to see you back DrGeorge. The moves the FO have been making seem to be pretty solid. Although, Im somewhat skeptical with Antwaan back on the team. Sure he will fit right in with the team’s chemistry, but Im not sure how his skills will translate. He didnt do much in DC, hes getting a little older, and his return game hasnt been up to par for a few years now.

    Nice to see Clark back. This gives the Steelers more wiggle room in the draft. I would like to see the Steelers trade up at the right price and try to get a MLB in McClain, or a top OT.

    • Thanks for the kind welcome, George H. You, Jay and Mark expressed my thoughts on recent topics, so I saw no reason to pile on. However, I do enjoy reading your insightful and incisive comments, including this one. You are ‘somewhat skeptical’ about Randall-El; I’m mystified. He is nice insurance to have if one of our starting receivers goes down. Some have speculated he might be used in the wild cat, to avoid possible injury to Dixon (who is the more logical candidate). His limitations as a punt returner hardly justify the contract he received. And he is long in the tooth. It seems a high price to pay for insurance. But I have a lot of faith in Kevin Colbert’s judgment. I’m willing to wait and see on this one. But it is an odd signing.

  5. AWSOME!!!!!!!

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