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Hard Count: Steelers Not Winning Popularity Contest

IMG_20151129_193147Hard Count

I will preface my post with this statement: prepare to be offended.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s get to the point. The Steelers have never been a team that has seen officials give too many calls in their favor, and against the Seahawks they had plenty of poor calls to deal with. The Steelers shouldn’t need favorable calls to win games. We can sit and complain that Richard Sherman interfered with Antonio Brown 100 times, that the loose ball on the sideline was in Ross Cockrell’s hands and not out of bounds and that jump ball brought in by Martavis Bryant and the Seattle defender should have been incomplete. Moan, moan, moan.

The Steelers have gotten in their own way all season long. This week, it came down to poor decisions and a lack of execution once again by the defensive backs. You can’t really see him in the photo above – but that’s because #41 was never in the right spot. Instead of coverage, he played D like a bumper car. Yes, Antwon Blake. You. The loss isn’t all on Blake, though. A fake field goal after a time out where the Seattle D has time to substitute after seeing who the Steelers send out? Landry Jones has never been the holder so why try to sneak him into the game as one? Terrible.

The Steelers aren’t winning popularity contests this year because they can’t seem to stay positive about themselves long enough to click on a consistent basis. I don’t want them to be popular. I want them to succeed. This team just can’t quite do that when any significance is put on a game. I’m not bailing or turning in my black and golf card, but dang – do they have to throw games away?



  1. Greg

    November 29, 2015 at 10:46 pm

    Tired of Tomlin getting a pass he was handed a super bowl team rode their coat tails an have done nothing since expect 8-8 seasons

  2. Austin

    November 29, 2015 at 11:07 pm

    Where to begin? first of all, before anyone tells me the ubiquitous, “Go root for another team!” I tell ya what, I wish I could. But it’s in my blood to root for the Steelers. Today i am an ashamed fan. They didn’t lose the game because of turnovers, They almost won, actually, in spite of them! Yes, BB needs to not be so ridiculously overzealous when he threw the INT. to Sherman (his first of the year I might add!), when AB fell down. Any arm chair QB or coach can tell you that you make sure your stinking WR is at least still on his two feet before you release the ball. That was INEXCUSABLE on BB’s part. Just like with Landry Jones, he threw the ball before he was able to see that there was someone there waiting for it. Also INEXCUSABLE! But those two plays notwithstanding (and I have no idea why we went away from the run to the extent we did—still, not the reason we lost!)…All you have to do is look at the fact that we had like 3 or 4 turnovers and we were still in a position to win the game so I don’t even think the turnovers are why we lost either. IT IS SIMPLY BECAUSE WE AIN’T GOT NO ONOE WHO CAN COVER! Period! I want to know that, if Boykin is SOOOOOO much worse than Blake, why the hell did we acquire him?!? You can’t be worse than Blake and still be in the NFL!?!?! And it’s not just this game! Every game this abomination of a corner, gets toasted for MANY yards and scores! Same with Will Allen! These guys SUUUUUUCK, man! They are pathetic and, I believe, are only in there so our suck ass excuse of a head coach, doesn’t have to admit he was wrong! Tomlin is indeed wrong, and proves it by marching the same shit secondary out there week in and week out! These douche bags have gotten worse in lieu of better over time! NEWSFLASH, MIKE, that ain’t how it supposed to work! Just because someone can be in a better position to make a play, doesn’t give them the right to be on the field ESPECIALLY when they can’t make the play! SO, why be in the proper position then! I can be in the right position if I studied enough, Hell, I ain;t no worse an athlete than Will the fuck Allen! Are you kidding me! This secondary just, wow, I mean, wow! Put players in who might be out of position for a few quarters…But, by the fourth quarter they should be in the right fucking positions!!!!! Isn’t that what coaching IS dumb ass mike Dumblin! I’d rather lose with dudes trying to make plays and overcompensating because they out of position than with people who can’t even cover! Wilson ain’t a bad QB but he ain’t a pocket passer and he certainly ain’t Dan Marino but that is exactly what our secondary made him look like! ONE STOP to get the ball back and we give up THEIR longest play from scrimmage all year. Every game it seems like we allow someone’s “first” for the year (Sherman’s first int, longest play, Wilson had five TD’s—HE NEVER DID THAT AGAINST ANYONE, Enter US…the hapless Pittsburgh Steelers pass D). This defensive secondary, for real, for real, hasn’t been unable to cover since the second half of SB 43….AND WE CHANGED OUR SECONDARY PERSONNEL SINCE THEN AND WE STILL CAN’T COVER! Johnny, I-like-to-drink-and-get-drunk-more-than-be-a-responsible,-team-leader-QB Manziel torched us for an insane amount of yards two weeks ago! This secondary’s “suckness” is only mitigated by the fact that there are probably a few worse out there which is ridiculously hard to believe! We had a championship caliber team on the ropes only needing one stop to get the ball back to our QB who threw for over 450 yards and put 30 points up, yet, we gave up 39 to a struggling team with a suck ass offensive line. Pressure wasn’t there like it should’ve been but you know what, it was adequate, wilson was getting rid of the football quickly and our guys just can’t cover. its simple. It was pointed out to me that if we don’t win a playoff game this year, it will be the first time in 50 years that we will have gone five years without winning a playoff game…Hell, we might not even make the playoffs…Yet Tomlin retains his job through some mysterious, cosmic mistake! I’d fire him and Butler, allow either Lake or Porter to take over the DC job and promote Munchak to HC for a five week trial. Next on the list would be Colbert…one more bad draft and his ass would be out! Why, because I as a fan, am tired of being embarrassed by this suck product! how much longer, how much more through mediocrity and non clutch playing and coaching football will the Rooney’s allow this asshole to remain in his position!?! we could have taken the Wildcard by storm and made a statement. Now, this suck secondary is gonna get torched by Hasselbeck next week in a game I am only watching because it is on primetime! this is a hard product to watch and it’s hard to stomach, being as passionate as i am, to watch this team, ala their poor coaching staff and poor excuse for a head coach, be turned into “just another mediocre team!” we are currently 8th in the playoff hunt and in a 16 team conference, that seems pretty mediocre to me! But we’ll just fall back on all our Super Bowls and ride that credit until who knows when!? for me the credit is expired, the collection agency is knocking and it’s time for some new plastic! make a statement already. Cower won with lesser talent AND WITHOUT HAVING A *&^@%$ ELITE FRANCHISE QB…BB in his second year hardly counts and Cowher took this team to a super bowl with O’Donnel and a couple of AFC championships with Kordell Stewart. Enough said! Tomlin should be doing better as the HC! Why he keeps getting a pass is beyond me! There is no way that he, or anyone for that matter, should field Blake, Will Allen, et. al. sans Mitchell of those who are playing. My ass would put in Boykin, Shamarko, Golden and see what happens! IT COULD NOT POSSIBLY GET WORSE AND IF IT COULD, SHAME ON THIS TEAM FOR NOT HAVING BETTER PLAYER PERSONNEL IN THE SECONDARY. THEY LOST THE GAME TODAY!

  3. DaveB.

    November 29, 2015 at 11:28 pm

    There is an old saying in life and its says , you reap what you sew . What does that mean in the case of the Steelers ? It means the Steelers had multiple chances in the offseason during free agency and again during the draft to upgrade the secondary . They didnt do it . They simply went with status quo . Its killed them most of the year and again today against Seattle . Between the stiff arm and arm tackling at thin air , the Seahawk receivers looked like Lynn Swann and Jerry Rice . Rest assured they are not . Bottom line , you reap what you sew and the Steelers are paying dearly for ignoring something that should never have been ignored . They have no one to blame but themselves .

  4. Austin

    November 29, 2015 at 11:28 pm

    one of the redeeming factors for Tomlin…and I HATE him so why would I bring it up…pretty much to point out how lousy the NFL has become:
    There are simply not a lot of good head coaches out there;
    Rex Ryan-Suck
    Philbin-fired because he sucked-replaced by someone who sucks
    NY jet HC-jury still out (Bolwes I think is his name)
    Marvin Lewis-don’t know how he still has a job-suck
    John Harbaugh-good coach
    Petine-Jury still out-leaning toward decent coach
    Whisenhunt-fired because he sucks, replaced by a bunch of Mularkey
    O’Brien-decent- hell, without a QB, he ahead of the Steelers for playoff spot who HAVE an elite QB, isn’t that what the NFL about
    Bradley-used to like this guy but now, after a few years, sucks
    Del Rio- ain’t doing bad
    Chargers-McKoy or Mckay or sucks
    Kubiak-garbage HC
    Coughlin-Good coach-game may be passing him by though
    Zimmerman-good Coach
    McCarthy-always thought he was overrated
    Fox-Good coach
    Quinn-jury still out but his quick start had soured -can’t lose games with julio and matt ryan
    Lovie smith-average
    Rivera-good coach
    Payton-put the saints in the toilet-i still, strangely, like him though
    Carol-good coach
    tomsula-jury out
    fisher-most overrated coach in football next to tomlin
    Arians-shouldve kept him
    that’s 14 who suck and about only 5 who are good if longevity proves to be a parameter! WOW!

  5. Henry G

    November 29, 2015 at 11:46 pm

    X2. You couldn’t have said it better. We’ve lost enough games due to Tomlin’s calls. This can’t be blamed on the OC. Although we could have run the ball a couple times in the red zone. It’s hard enough to win in the nfl. Especially in the loudest stadium with it’s record attendance. We don’t need our “leader of men” making chicken s**t calls when we’re moving the ball perfectly well the old fashioned way. If we were gonna go for it on 4th down we should have put our offense out there. Who do you trust more? Record setting offense or special teams doing something they’ve only attempted in practice? Same crappy call they made in the Patriots and Ravens games. Don’t outsmart yourselves. Especially in the red zone. And to not go for it on fourth down in the fourth quarter? Why play to lose? Go for the win. The only consistent thing about the Steelers are Mike Tomlin’s sorry play calling and Blake’s inability to cover anyone.

  6. Austin

    November 30, 2015 at 2:04 pm

    Where are all the Tomlin supporters???? Hello, anyone out there?!? Let me ask you sorry bunch this? What retort do you have to the notion that your head coach, he ain’t mine, I may root for the Steelers because it’s in my blood but I certainly don’t root for him…part of me will be happy when he loses out and loses his job…that same part of me feels slighted when they win a game here or there because I know all it does is stays his miserable execution…Anyway, your head coach has been 500 the past five years or so, including the playoffs with a top three quarterback. To me that’s the bottom line! With Ben Roethlisberger, tomlin has gone 8-8 twice and not won a playoff game since NY Jets in 2010. OTHER coaches would win with Ben! Hell, other coaches win without him. Look what O’Brien is doing in Houston with no qb. Yeah, they have a defense but we have had chances to draft and replace our d but Colbert and Tomlin have failed miserably at that! So, how can tomlin be a good coach when he coaches an elite qb to too football year in and year out? Hmmmm? Don’t tell me injuries because everyone goes through them. There is no conceivable reason other than he sucks as a head coach. Let’s be real here, okay! Bill Cowhere gets credit for the 2005 super bowl but really that team rallied around and was galvanized by Jerome Bettis. ironically, Cowher gets the ultimate credit in his coaching accolades for that one game that, quite frankly, he was along for the ride. I love cower, not for that game, but during the 90’s he continually lost great players to free agency and continually made the playoffs WITHOUT A FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK!!!! It finally caught up to him in the late 90’s but that’s why he was a great coach. going along the same logic, Tomlin had nothing to do with the 2008 team…I mean Hampton, Aaron Smith, Troy, Harrison, Keisel, Farrior, Timmons, Taylor Clark Ben, Ward, Miller…I mean Barry Switzer could’ve won with a team like that…He did actually. A garbage coach can win a super bowl and it happened in 2008! What, Tomlin supporters, has Tomlin done when he had to exclusively put HIS guys in there???? They last of the cower regime lost super bowl against Green Bay but since then, Tomlin has done nothing but run this organization into a state of mediocrity.

  7. Austin

    November 30, 2015 at 2:05 pm

    500 not too*

  8. Mark

    November 30, 2015 at 8:45 pm

    Austin is completely correct! I would ask Tomlin is he stupid or stubborn at this point for continuing to play Will Allen and Antwon Blake? Either answer is unacceptable! Tomlin is the most overrated coach in the league. There are numerous coaches with a super bowl win on their resume. That being said, the Seiferts and Billicks have all lost jobs. The team is mediocre when we all know a better coach with this team would be better. 30th ranked against the pass? 1,000 yards and 9 TD passes in past 3 games? Bye week really helped huh? New England has Brady. They lose Ammendola, Edalman and Gronk and have no RB of note. But, this well coached team will make the playoffs and be a tough out. The Steelers, with Ben, Brown,Bryant,Miller, Tuitt, Heyward, etc..are in a dogfight to stay relevant. Coaching? Hmmm?

  9. Austin

    November 30, 2015 at 9:02 pm

    I’m no hypocrite! I jump all over Tomlinson shit when they lose AS WELL AS WHEN THEY WIN! For instance n San Diego, that horrible call…not ncssarily o,go,for it but to,give a read option run which takes a few seconds to develop! They won in spite of Tomlinson idiocy and because of Bell’s drive and athleticism! You Tomlin. Supporters are no where to be found because you know now, or at least should, that he is an abomination of a coach! He should be as Emilio Estevez said in Young Guns, “FIRED, FIRED, FIRED!” But I’d actually prefer the literal interpretation of what was actually said in the movie!

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