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Between the Hashmarks: A Prediction That Has Come True For Steelers


I am not one to toot my horn, but in light of the result of Sunday’s week 12 loss by the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Seattle Seahawks, it’s time to get real.  In a previous feature I talked exclusively about the lack of depth at the cornerback position.  I reported fan responses to a quote by Mike Tomlin back in March, before the 2015 season even began.

Tomlin said:

“I expect the guys that we have to continue to grow and get better…I expect to add credible, competent men to add to that mix to provide competition and put them in a competitive environment and see who comes out on top.  I’m completely comfortable that at the end of that we’re going to have above the line corner play.”

The general consensus by fans was that they not only had very little faith or satisfaction in how Tomlin and Kevin Colbert used the draft to create depth at corner.  In fact, in the poll, 30.51% of fans responded “dissatisfied”. 45.45 percent of fans were “unconfident” in the corners on the current roster.   William Gay was the corner fans had the most faith in (51.79%).  That was then.  If social media is any indication, after the Steelers’ defensive backfield got burned by the Seahawks and Russ Wilson, that dissatisfaction has only increased.

In March, I posted:

I don’t like to speak for fans as a whole – but as a fan of the team myself, I think the statements by the Steelers, their staff and coaches leave me feeling more than uneasy about how the Steelers’ defense will fare against teams who love to stretch the field and attack corners.  To see a great Steelers offense struggle because their defense can’t get the other team off the field or prevent points on the scoreboard is worrisome.  I love to see the Steelers succeed.  Last season, I needed Pepto Bismol after nearly every game.  I was, admittedly, disappointed that the team did not immediately target McCain to re-sign.  McCain created turnovers and was more impressive to me that Allen and William Gay.  That makes me wonder if I am going to have a full-blown ulcer before the preseason is even over in 2015.

I had no idea that my unease would lead to me needing virtual surgical repair of ulcers caused by a horrendous performance on Sunday.

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  1. Justin

    November 30, 2015 at 9:04 pm

    This is so spot on. I put the blame at the top. Tomlin answers to the front office. If there is an issue, they should address it not excuse it. The Chief is rolling in his grave. Disgusting season.

  2. Lisa

    December 1, 2015 at 12:08 am

    Ummm…..the fake that resulted in no points for us and a T’D for them. Errors on the part of the WR, our premier TE in the locker room, 2 int’s… want to put this on the corners?

  3. OhioSteelers

    December 1, 2015 at 12:41 am

    I think the writer is putting the loss on tomlin and the steelers organization in general. Depth at corner was unaddressed. Tomlin and the staff choosing stupid plays. Making big ben think he has to be the man week to week. Did the Steelers look for depth at any position? No. They may have linebackers but everywhere else they were paper thin. This team cant compete the way they have been and be seen as successful. Do people read entire articles any more or just jump on the headline? Damn

  4. DaveB.

    December 1, 2015 at 6:09 am

    Christina , Your article was then and still is dead on the money . Mike Tomlin underestimated big time the talent and players he had in the secondary when it was fairly obvious to all that the talent simply was not on the roster . There is an old saying in life and its says , you reap what you sew . What does that mean in the case of the Steelers ? It means the Steelers had multiple chances in the offseason during free agency and again during the draft to upgrade the secondary . They didnt do it . They simply went with status quo . Its killed them most of the year and again today against Seattle . Between the stiff arm and arm tackling at thin air , the Seahawk receivers looked like Lynn Swann and Jerry Rice . Rest assured they are not . Bottom line , you reap what you sew and the Steelers are paying dearly for ignoring something that should never have been ignored . They have no one to blame but themselves .

  5. DrGeorge

    December 1, 2015 at 10:09 am

    Actually, Christina, fans on this site have made this point repeatedly for the past three years. Our corners and safeties simply aren’t good enough and haven’t been for some time. That was true even in Polamalu’s last two seasons, and we said so here. In the past year, we have upgraded the speed of the secondary, but tackling and coverage skills are still abysmal.

    For the record, we have also noted for years that the O-line talent is deficient, especially at LG and RT. I would have added LT, except that Villanueva is playing very well and finally appears to be the answer there. Over the past three seasons, the Patriots, Packers, Seahawks, and Ravens have all had to rebuild their O-lines due to injuries, and have found more than adequate talent without using top draft picks. The Steelers can’t seem to find adequate O-line talent even with top draft picks, as Adams, Gilbert, and Urbik illustrate. Even first round picks DeCastro and Pouncey, while solid, have not erased the memory of Faneca and Dawson.

    The reason for these glaring inadequacies is money. Colbert knows talent when he sees it — but we can’t afford the talent he identifies. There are big bucks tied up in our offensive skill positions, and the rest of the team has suffered because of that distorted emphasis. And the blame for that rests at the top.

  6. Austin

    December 1, 2015 at 5:12 pm

    Outside of AB who is underpaid compared to his elite contemporaries, Ben who deserves every penny he gets, perhaps Heath Miller, who are all these offensive skill positions where the money is tied up? By my count that’s only three if indeed you are referring to BIG mega contracts. I don’t believe the problem is with the personnel on the field sans the putrid secondary. This is evidenced by the fact that we were in the game with a chance to win after having turned the ball over three or four times. I believe our disgusting HC doesn’t put them in good enough positions to win as evidenced by: rolling out a fake a FG unit after switching out the holder for the backup QB; failing to call a timeout with just under three minutes left in the game on third and ten so the defense could plan out something (as if it would matter with suck and shit in the secondary otherwise known as a Blake and Allen); saying he never lives in his fear yet calls for two field goals on two separate ocassions from the one and two yard lines….THE SAME DAMN DISTANCE AS A TWO POINT CONVERSIONNTHAT HE HAS NO PROBLEM CALLING ON A REGULAR BASIS!!!!! The quarterback is good enough to win a championship and so are the receivers, tight end. Nth offensive line, although shaky, is no worse than many other teams in positions this year to win it all, the defensive front seven is adequate enough to win it all. Even the backup RB IS GOOD ENOUGH! The secondary…..LMFAO!

  7. DrGeorge

    December 2, 2015 at 7:06 pm

    Austin, I agree with your point about play calling. But you misconstrued my point on salaries.

    The top 8 average salaries and guaranteed money (in millions) on the roster are:
    Avg. Guar.
    Ben Rothlis. $21.8 $31
    C. Heyward $9.8 $15
    L. Timmons $9.5 $11
    M. Pouncey $8.8 $13
    A. Brown $8.4 $8.5
    M. Gilbert $6.1 $7.6
    M. Mitchell $5.0 $5.3
    C. Allen $6.1 $6.7

    Of those 8 players, only Timmons and Heyward are earning their keep. The guaranteed money is an even bigger problem, since it perpetuates the status quo. Shazier and Jarvis Jones are just below Allen in salary, but their guaranteed money is $9.5 and $8.7 respectively. Add it up the money for those 10 players, and it doesn’t leave much for the rest of the team. No matter how many yards Ben R. and AB rack up, they are not the whole team; they cannot compensate for deficiencies on our O-line and in the secondary.

    Excluding Timmons and Heyward, we simply are not getting our money’s worth from the other eight players named above — who are the apex of our salary structure. As for Ben R. and AB specifically, both could be adequately replaced for much less money, and the difference used to strengthen other components of the team. Our passing statistics might decline a little, but the improved quality of the team would more than compensate for it. Or to put it another way, relative to the whole team, these 8 players are way over-valued and the resulting salary disparity directly limits our ability to recruit better talent at other positions. It takes a whole team to win, and the proof is in the pudding. Despite all our star players, we are what the record says we are — a mediocre NFL team.

    Now, we must ask, why does this imbalance exist? And the answer is obvious: Tomlin and management want it that way. And that fact indicates a greater flaw in the organization than merely a few bad calls on the field. The real problem is systemic, and it won’t be easy to fix.

  8. Austin

    December 2, 2015 at 9:01 pm

    I agree it is systematic and tomlin and, to a degree, Colbert, are the culpable ones. However, which QB would you prefer to have on the team?!?! ALL elite QB’s make that kind of money. It’s not just Pittsburgh so you might want to blame the whole NFL?!?! When is the last time, I mean I can’t believe I have to point this out to someone as “intelligent” as you but, when is the last time a QB NOT getting that kind of money won the super bowl?!?! I believe there have been TWO in the last thirty years. Would you like me to list them. Hell, let’s go back 40 years! What would Bradshaw or Staubach or Stabler or Montana or young or elway or Aikman or favre be worth today?!?! Hell, even someone like Theisman or Rypien or Plunkett would get hefty contracts today! The Brad johnsons and Trent Dilfers are the exception so if you prefer to insanely propose that you’d rather have a five percent chance to win the super bowl, have fun defending that stance because that’s what 2 out of 40 is! I can’t argue that the steelers have misappropriated some of their funds in putrid attempts to stay competitive! But singalong out the QB is not only preposterous, it’s laughable and lacks ALL empirical reasoning when viewing the NFL through the contemporary scope of which positions pay what types of dollars. You make no cents, Doc! See what I did there? While you at it, go tell Green Bay, New England, et. al that Aaron Rodgers and Brady and company make too much and that without them, those respective organizations would have better luck without them! Yes, it certainly is systematic in New England opposite of ours and in a good, productive, conducive to winning football is which is in stark contrast to our climate but even the football gods who now seemingly reside in New England didn’t see it fit for that great system to do much with Matt Cassel! He would, however, fit within the paradigm of your financial proposal! Unbelievable!

  9. DaveB.

    December 3, 2015 at 7:16 am

    Having an elite quarterback in the NFL is a double edged sword . Do you want to win 8 or 9 games a year and hopefully compete for a playoff spot with an average quarterback or do you want to win 11 or 12 games a year and be a contender every season ? Thats the question you have to ask yourself . If your answer is the latter , you have to have the elite quarterback and that means a large chunk of the payroll is going to him . Thats the NFL today and its not going anywhere . There is no grace period in the NFL . Its a win now , what have you done for me lately league , and the pressure to win is monumental . In the case of the Steelers , this is more about decision making than it is money . The secondary could have been upgraded without spending a ton of money and it wasnt done . EXAMPLE – If Boykin is so bad that he cant get on the field , why did you sign him ? Did you not research this kid before you signed him ? Obviously , they didnt . Example – Why did you sign Cortez Allen to a big contract extension when it was obvious the kid cant play . The Steelers decision making on player evaluation stinks , plain and simple and that falls at the feet of Colbert and Tomlin . These guys ARE NOT ON THE SAME PAGE . Until that changes , this is what you have to look forward to .

  10. Austin

    December 3, 2015 at 8:26 am

    Thank you! And when is the last time Timmons made splash play after splash play? To say he is earning his money more than Ben or AB makes my stomach turn! Without Timmons we still stink’ but at least we can plug someone in like Vince Williams or spence and be competitive!, without Ben or AB we ain’t winning anything! Maybe doc is Mike tomlin! I can’t think of any other reason one would pine for Timmons save for that was his first draft pick. Of course I’m being facetious! Or am I?!?!!

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