Steelers Maurkice Pouncey And Brother Show Support For Aaron Hernandez


Less than two weeks ago, I wrote a column about the ‘relationship’ between Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey and now jailed former Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez, as the two reportedly were hanging during a nightclub in 2007 when a fight broke out.

A lot of people took shots at the piece, stating how an incident six years ago should not blur how Steeler fans look at Pouncey today.

On the heels of that, we have this picture from a Tweet that surfaced from Pouncey and his brother Mike, who is with the Dolphins, partying it up last night at a club last night.

See for yourself.

Now again, you can hold judgement for yourself, but are you happy that a member of the Black and Gold is sporting a hat that says “Free Hernandez.”

Have at it Steeler Nation – I am anxious to hear your thoughts on this one.

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10 Comments on "Steelers Maurkice Pouncey And Brother Show Support For Aaron Hernandez"

  1. When rooneys get wind of this, I think he could be on the block…I read a comment that said they get paid millions to hold a job down for the steelers….while you are a steeler…shut you f—- mouth….you wanna wear that hat, join the pats…i lost repect for my center today….i hope they cut him loose

    • Im not a Hernandez fan at all, however, If ur brother has psychological problems and does something terrible, he’s still ur brother. So, i don’t have a problem with the” support” ,the problem is u represent an organization everytime u go n public. .he will gt spoken to, but gtting traded is very extreme. .calm down FANatic ..(even tho WE may know who) there r a lot of “Hernandez’s locked up

      • MizzFranco32 | July 14, 2013 at 11:28 pm | Reply

        My sentiments exactly Drizzle…Could not have said it better…Support who you want…But when you are part of something much bigger than yourself, (a public organization like the Steelers,) you have to curtail some of your most inner thoughts and feelings… Especially if they happen to go against popular belief…

  2. SteelerNationNorth | July 14, 2013 at 3:26 pm | Reply

    I can’t believe how insensitive they are being about this. Both of them are presumably pretty intelligent guys. They have to know that this type of public display won’t be tolerated. Unless there is a direct motive to get released, I can’t possibly imagine what benefits there would be in showing public support for Hernandez. I get that they are still friends, in all likelihood, but you can show your support in less public ways that won’t get the Rooneys’ water boiling. I guess I’m disappointed more than anything.

  3. I just saw this posted on MSN. and had to head over here to see if you had soemthing about it. I read the post the other week you did and thought to myself…..This wont be the end. I understand suporting your friend and I’m sure they could find a much better way to do that. But throwing yourself in the mix of a serious issue like a murder charge, by wearing a stupid hat and goofy grin makes it look like you are making a joke of the issue. They aren’t college kids anymore. They need to conduct them selves like professional people.

    I would imagine always having to stop yourself and say “How will this refelt on my team” could make you feel like you have no free choice to say and do what you think or believe. But it’s about finding the right way to express your thoughts and opinions without drawing negative attention.

    I think the free Hernandez hats just look like a joke which makes them look like a joke.

  4. a lot of people got on you for it? The article had 6 comments. Guess that is a lot for this site.

    But anyways, Pouncey is a moron.

  5. Smh, these to young men shared blood, sweat, and tears on the field with Hernandez, they took the oath of becoming a family with that elite football program that they all played for, and aside from that they decided to make Hernandez a unconditional friend, they took the chance of getting paralyzed every time they walk on to the field together as a team,as a family, as brother, so why are people getting there panties in the bunch, if they aren’t commiting the same act that he is accused of, I don’t mind him wearing black and gold, I swear the good book says he who lives without sin cast the first stone “don’t worry I’ll wait”… People always see the bad one does, and never see the good. These young men come from rags to riches of course a lot of them don’t have the best upbringing, and damn sure aren’t going to make the best decisions. I am a good friend of Maurice clarett we played football together in jr high, aside from that we became friends and when he was up I supported him, when he was in prison I wrote him. He was a friend regardless of whatever condition his life was in and he still is a good friend.

  6. What about showing support for the dead guys family? F’in idiots!

  7. Hmmmm Maurkice Pouncey is removing a lot of people from his Facebook friends list, just because the are upset with him for wearing a hat of an accused murderer. SMH!. Clearly this man has no clue about how offensive his actions were and he has absolutely no regard for the victims family. Guess if your thug homie Hernandez deemed someone worthy of being executed, then it is okay with Maurkice . I hope someone shakes this young man awake while there is still hope and that he will change his ways……the thug life IS NOT the Steelers Way.

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